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Born Beautifully Boundless

Reflective Living into Forever Happiness

Dealing with negative emotions is the only way to transform yourself into forever happiness.  Consistently reflect, to release all things that keep you bound.  Prevent yourself from repeating the destructive patterns that block progression in all you desire for the here and now!  Learn to express your emotion, pour them out of the containment of self, and release it back into the world.   Give flight to all your aspirations.  Journey with me, begin to climb through life's circumstances into a newness, that is transformative.

Heather Ina

Heather. Ina. Mack.







…and motivational speaker.

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Born Beautifully Boundless Blog

Ways to deal with COVID

Dealing with extended time of COVID related restrictions and quarantine can be exhausting.  

There are several general tips and tricks to help you get through!


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Want to take your mind off of the here and now?  Short stories are added on a monthly basis.

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