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Baked Salmon

You will need:

baking sheet

aluminum foil

Two Seasonings (shown salt and pepper to taste)

Lemon Juice Concentrate

1 small onion

1 half of bell pepper (used orange)

2 cloves of garlic

Chopped Cilantro (or any fresh herb of your choice)

1st set your oven to 375,  then line your baking sheet with aluminum foil that is longer than baking sheet

2nd place you salmon on the aluminum foil and baking sheet

3rd lightly salt or other seasoning

4th lightly pepper or other seasoning

5th cut bell pepper, onion and garlic add to blender to make a paste

6th spread blended paste over fish with utensil

7th lightly sprinkle lemon juice over fish

8th  also add fresh herb over the top for some added color

9th create a pocket with another piece of aluminum foil and seal edges of foil

10th bake for 15-20 mins

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