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Just Enough

Day 14 of 14: Taking Care during COVID 19 Self Quarantine



1) Yourself - You are enough! Give yourself freedom to be praised and recognized - especially from yourself. Sometimes people tend to be their own worse critic but not their own best cheerleader. Cheer yourself on through the demanding days. When things go good learn to pat yourself on the back, and when they don't learn to give yourself a motivation pep talk. What would you say to your children, your co-worker, your best friend, your lover if they didn't meet their own expectations. It is okay to fail, or just not do as well as you had expected. It is amazing sometimes to complete this task no matter how hard it was. Sometimes the challenges are what make you, you! Just know that you will come through. That is all that matters!

2) Dependents - Let them get bored, that is sometimes necessary to spark their own interest and likes/dislikes. Sometimes it is up to us to facilitate the other interest or help to spark it. The best gift you can give your child is the silence to sift through their own stuff. It will help make them more self sufficient in the world beyond your walls. Time is sometimes the best teacher, and it lets you off the hook for always being your child's entertainer.


3) Planning Ahead - Special Occasion family photos are always good. The holidays are still rolling around and although you may not be able to do all that you would like to do. Try and memorialize the occasion anyhow. Take family pictures just for the fun of it or for the upcoming holiday. Digitally send them to your friends and family. This will help keep them connected on what you do and the occasions that they missed.

4) Activity for All- Games are also great education for your children and whomever you may be quarantined with. It can help you learn more about their background and who they are without making it a deep conversation. It doesn't have to be a pre-made game. Other family friendly suggestions are I spy, red light green light, musical chairs, chalk on sidewalks, hopscotch bean bag toss etc. Some suggestions for adults only are Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, Pictionary, 2 Truths and a Lie, and a whole host of different card games to play.

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