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Know Your Worth

BBB Entry#17

Must do - Things around you may change but your worth does not.

Why - You might find that you are not as successful, especially in the beginning stages of the journey. It does not change your worth to yourself or the world.


Through plenty of toil you have managed to figure out who you are at the core. Since then the goal is to continue to strive toward being more authentic to the core of yourself. Then along the way you figured out how you have limited yourself both knowingly and unknowingly. Looking at both the things that are visible disruptions to your daily pleasure, and figuring out the triggers that may not be as apparent to why you find yourself unhappy. Afterwards you looked at all the internal struggles and unbound those false thoughts that continue to perpetuate unhappiness in your life. Next, you compartmentalize the external from internal struggles that tend to circumvent progress, you will need to begin again, maybe even from scratch. You plant the seeds for the exact harvest that you are prepared to cultivate and have been eager to obtain for years. Finally you wait and nurture patiently waiting to reap what you have sown.

While you are patiently tending to yourself, the beginnings of your happiness unfolds, old doubts and fears often resurface. Things you felt that you have dealt with, or come to terms with will often rear over and over again. You might falter and think it’s worth it or even worse that it’s not worth it. There is an understanding that you must come to, and that understanding is that the “it” not being worth it is you. YOU are definitely worth it, even more than the effort you can ever place on it within one lifetime. Make sure to not separate the goal from yourself. You are the goal and along the way there are mini tasks that need to be obtained. This is where things get tricky. Although you and happiness are the ultimate goal, each task up until that goal needs to be separate from you.

These tasks are not finite like the ultimate goal happens to be. Happiness and peace in the now until your forever has ended is you and cannot be separated from you. But the path, choices or even the mini task that help you attain this goal is not finite. The fact that you have obtained or not attained each mini task does not define anything about you. There are many ways to reach the ultimate goal, the road, choices or tasks are not dependent on a specific set of things. Sometimes even these tasks have nothing to do with reaching the goal itself, but maybe the detour was needed to attain it. So don’t judge the small things, always look at the big picture. Your choices are only the movement toward a specific goal. It is what you do, tasks are your actions taken to help to move you toward a goal. You are the goal you are trying to reach and this does define you. Meanwhile, the path, choices and actions taken are not what define you.

You are worth it because you are living. If you weren’t worth it, you wouldn’t be alive. You have a purpose in the here and now. Whether you attain that purpose or not is solely up to you.

Not is IT worth it, but are YOU worth it.


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