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Routines Produce

BBB Entry#14

Must do - Create a routine for yourself that includes time to do things you love.

Why - Balance is necessary, and sometimes it is hard to make sure that your day has what it needs to be happy. You need to make sure that you are spending time doing things that you enjoy and love each day to have more importance.


Routine is essential for getting a task completed successfully. We raise children confidently with this notion. We set up schedules when they are babies to ensure they get enough to eat and sleep. When we create a more advanced schedule for our toddlers, it carries on that may include times for going to the washroom and clean-up. They go to school, and schedules are created for them. They are planning how they would like to schedule their day by high school or college. Jobs help adults forge on with this tradition with schedules. You may even schedule your routine once home again. Lately, though, many routines have been turned upside down during the pandemic, but don’t panic - replan.

It is important to feed ourselves mentally and emotionally, including a routine for the pandemic. Providing our minds and spirits with positivity is just as important, if not more, than the task of eating. Health and mental wellness can destroy entire communities of support in your life if you don’t take into account your state of mind. Still, having time to wake up, work, and relax will help you stay in a mode of normalcy to the day. You don’t want to get in the habit of doing nothing and having negative emotions because we train ourselves with what we continuously do. Maybe you will need to include meditation, exercise, and wellness activities. Or perhaps you need to stay busy now that you have no job, it can be a job looking for one. Maybe your focus is to keep your children on task now that schools are going virtual.

What I Realized

Poverty can cause you to believe you have no control of these things, but this is a misconception. It is true that financially you might not have the monetary means to make things happen faster or smoother, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen. It does mean that you will have to work harder and longer to achieve the same success as a wealthier counterpart. All your goals can be met, no matter what stock you are born from. The plan may be more precise, and the fight may seem to overcome you, but when you reach the other side, your wealth of knowledge will far exceed the person who did not have to create it for themselves. It also means you will not lose it quickly because you worked so hard to achieve it. Even more so, it means you can not teach your children or the youth in your life how to do it for themselves instead of everything is just handed to them as well. Without a dime in the bank, you can begin your journey by merely setting a goal, creating a routine to support it, and start the process of making it a necessity in your everyday life. Not to say that the first time you try, it will just work out.

What I Did Next

Begin with small steps and check-in with yourself. Meet the small goals first, building upon them, and continue them for 30 days. After about a month, you will find that it is a routine, and you can begin on the next small goal. Add to your routine each month you are successful, but don’t forget to be gentle with yourself when the goal is not met within a month; everything isn’t always that easy. Changing your life is a complicated process, and you have to be positive during the ups and downs of it all. It is all a part of the story and the fight. Within a year or two, you should be doing 12 things differently than what you used to do. That’s success!

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