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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Touch me

From the inside, out

Begin with my thoughts

Linger in my psyche

Placing moments of pleasure into my memory

Each one medicating the toxic ones

Massage each insecurity of being unloved

Created by unobtained manhood

Expose the previous for its inferiority

Wash the residuals with encouragement

Extricate every kink of doubt

Reveal the beauty of love with just one look

Whenever I see myself in their reflection

I notice a queen beheld by king

Cajole my push into your pull

Cocoon me with character

Encompass my world with positivity

Influence this woman with your man

Hold my fragility within your strength

Release my power with adulation

Once crushed under pressure

of another's lost in depression

Buried this diamond

In narcissistic behaviors

Now being resurfaced with every, single, kiss

Maintain hold

Be my bold when I shy

Anchor us in the name of love

Mesh our souls in conjunction with space and time

Deplete the yearn

Twin spirits, one desire


To manifest what was always meant to be

Lifelong and eternal devotion


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