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Stovetop Steak

7-15 minutes (depending on toppings)

1 Serving


Want to make a quick steak and ensure that it is cooked perfectly. Try cooking steak on stovetop instead of and oven.

Stovetop Steak



  • warm four tablespoons of butter in a skillet on medium-high heat

  • make sure butter covers the entire bottom of skillet

  • generously season both sides of steak

  • place steak into skillet, you should hear sizzling otherwise remove steak

  • cook steak for 3-5 minutes both sides

  • let steak rest on plate


  • slice all veggies for top of steak

  • add 2 tablespoons of fresh butter in the same skillet

  • add all the veggies and let cook for 5-7 minutes

  • stir occasionally to ensure even carmelization

How to make


  • Steak

  • butter

  • Favorite Seasoning or rub

  • onion

  • peperocini

  • bell pepper

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