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From Fear to Boundless

Getting rid of lifelong fears can be more than a notion.  The ability to free yourself in order to obtain all the provisions meant to make you feel whole and complete can seem impossible.  Here are some quick suggestions to combat your fear(s):

1st Find something you can practice or believe in!  This is where your testimony begins and is released back into the universe.  Whether it is a religion, meditation, or moral code in which you live by.  You will need to ground yourself in something.  Without roots you will not be able to flourish to your fullest potential.

2nd Reflect daily on what it is that you want versus what you do not want.  Access your day to see what your day was filled with.  Adjust yourself so that daily you have more things to be thankful for than not.  Also look at how you may have played a part, or taken a back seat to the success or failure of the day.

3rd Don't let life deter you!  Even in the midst of COVID, you may find that it is harder to find a peace of mind because of outside influences or circumstances.  The sentiment is true, life is what you make it, so decide today that happiness is all you will accept.  Then follow through.

Want to learn more ways to strive further into boundlessness.  Join the Born Beautifully Boundless Blog.  A weekly step by step guide of how to work through your fears and become boundlessly happy.

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