I was many things in the world such as a student, a secretary, an actor, a marketing manager, an educator, etc. Those titles did not add value to my self-worth!  It wasn't until I chose to be a Freelance writer and allow writing to guide how I educated others that I found my purpose.  As I opened up to this side of myself (my core), the whole world began to change.  What I am to myself, for myself, is the most important reflection. 


I began to explore ways to obtain a permanent joy that is unwavering.  Through self-discovery, I have realized some life lessons that I hope to share with my children.  Maybe you have been in a similar space!  Finding yourself beaten, bruised by society and the interactions you have had with the people in it.  In the midst of burden and despair, there is a truth that shines through and tests the mind.  Are you strong enough to endure?

Of course, you are strong!  No matter how far down you have fallen, you can get back up.  I share this journey or getting back up at one of the lowest points in my life.  The blog was the beginning of me finding myself again.  Putting together my life with pieces from my past, now and into my forever.  Your reflections can lead you to forever happiness and recognizing that you also were Born Beautifully Boundless!

Happiness is not meant to be fleeting!

Meet Heather Ina