Writing content for you such as memoirs, children's books, novels, speeches, and much more!

Motivational Speaking

Speaking topics such as happiness, self-worth, and purpose.


Personalized poetry for special occasions such as graduation, anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day, father's day, or just because.


Ghostwriting Services

You have always been interested in telling your story to others and want to write an autobiography.  Maybe others have told you that your life needs to be a book.  You want to write your memoir, but you don't know the first thing about writing, your a writer, but the story is home and evokes emotion, or you don't have the time or patience to get your passion project onto a page.


I am the author of your life story!  I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I am the artist to help you paint the pictures for others to enjoy, learn and share.  Everyone has trials and triumphs that have taught them lessons paramount to their successes and even failures.  I make the impossible more possible and attainable for all.

What you need to begin the process:

     - a desire to complete the project the purpose doesn't matter

     - 90 minutes a week to gather information/relay your story/help guide the story

     - and a little bit of patience 3-6 months to be exact (wonderful stories take time to manifest)

     - begin your complimentary 30 min consultation

Motivational Speaking

A healthy mindset and being purposeful is at the core of the topics that can be broached during live presentations.  Heather Ina has a MA in Education as has spoken in front of colleagues and professionals in many genres.  Her approach is unique because each presentation is tailored to the audience she is speaking with.  She uses life lessons, humor, and entertaining activities to help to facilitate the message to audiences of all ages.


Using Your Purpose

Self-Worth Drives Accomplishment

Faith over Fear

Relinquishing your Power

From Toxic to Transformation

Negative Emotions to Positive Affirmations

Poetry Services

Maybe you have thoughts about what you want but not sure how to make it a reality. You want to honor a friend, coworker or loved one in a personal way. Poetry is a wonderful way to personally thank, honor or memorialize another.  The presentation of your project can be just as unique as the gift itself.


What you need to begin the process:

     - a desire to complete the project the purpose doesn't matter

     - 30-45 minutes to gather information/personalize the gift/guide the presentation style

     - a specific deadline in mind

     - begin your complimentary 15 min discovery session