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Adoption Memoir Sample

It is a memoir of an adopted child who grows to begin to search for his biological mother and all the ends and out of the process of reconnecting.

Sample of Memoir about adoption not yet published.

Dear Rhonda,

To know you exist brings my spirit a different calm and resolve. Life has a way of making a person focus on growth, or you’ll find yourself falling down, unable to get back up. If I knew then what I know now about you, me, and the journey that would be life-changing, I would have taken into consideration my mental health a lot earlier. My life has taken some unexpected turns and twists that forced me to grow in unbelievable ways.

Your journey started long before I was even a thought. However, little did I know this was a sign of my beginning. Genes are fascinating. Before having the opportunity to meet you or realize that you even existed, I felt your presence within me. I can’t explain it. Nor can I justify why I’ve synced with your thoughts, concerns, worries, struggles, triumphs, and even your accomplishments from deep down within the pit of my being.

I knew from that moment; we were connected in ways only you and I could understand. Our connection, whether together or apart, is defined by an unbreakable bond sealed by love. That love was shared with me the moment I was conceived and continued to flow through me once I was born into this world. Being apart from you has brought about many questions, challenges, struggles, sadness, and a constant flow of “what-ifs.” Regardless of the questions and the free-flowing feelings, I knew that you would always be with me, guide me, and pray for me. Through your love, I am becoming who I’m meant to be and preparing for experiences of a lifetime.

From a young age, I knew that life, in general, would bring circumstances that would be unparalleled. Though challenging at times, it would offer some rewarding opportunities as well. However, I had no clue what God had in store for me. How was He going to use me? How was He going to direct my life in a way that would complement yours at precisely the right time? God has a way of opening doors and preparing you for a task ahead. He will meet the desires of your heart without your knowledge or permission. Then and only then is it up to you to follow or fall behind.

One of my favorite sayings is that “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” I know this road won’t be easy, and I also know that I cannot control every outcome. However, I know that not being open for this journey would forever stagnate my growth, leaving me disappointed and constantly questioning. Ultimately, the only impossible journey is the one that you never begin.

Love, Ben

Before the reveal, I hadn’t thought about the world beyond my existence. The world was more abstract than concrete which affected choices and decisions. Like every child, I was born without permission and spent my youth just trying to figure out who I was and how to move comfortably in the world. Children can never surmise the challenges that life will present. Nor do they know how each reaction creates the person they become until much later in life (if they are lucky). Maybe being a toddler is as carefree as it gets because, at that time, the challenges you face are only internal. However, once you enter school, the world broadens, and your adversaries are outside your control or understanding. You encounter other children who begin to point out your flaws in a way that can cause doubts, and those doubts can develop into serious issues. You know that you are different, and you can do nothing about many of your unique qualities. Those differences make you valuable to the same world that makes you feel inadequate. You either learn to loathe or love yourself.

Incredibly young children can go onto any playground on this vast planet, and if you like the same type of games, you can be a friend. If only for the length of an hour. It isn’t until you get older and begin to absorb your environment more complexly that being different or unique becomes a barrier to human connection. People blur into categories no matter how intricate we happen to be. The choice is to forge forward in your individuality or succumb to the influences around you. Every choice you make or don’t make affects the rest of your life, whether negatively or positively. Even the “greatest people” have significant flaws. The entirety of our experiences shapes us. Every friendship, every family member, and every experience can lead you down a path towards or away. This is my journey.

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