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Ponder this:


I am my own worse critic.

If not me, then who?

I give credit when credit is due.  Meanwhile, it is overdue!

Love is so fleeting!

Men/Women don’t have it together enough for me to date/have a mate.

No one has my back, so I’d rather foot it alone!

Life is all right/okay, but it could be way better (or I wish it were).



Who should read? 


Anyone can.  Whether you have it all together, need some encouragement, or need a positive connection that will help you sustain at one of the lowest points of your life.


How can I make this my best life?  A question that many of us grapple with and find ourselves spiraling while the rest of the world seems to be more afloat.  The misconception we have is that others are not struggling as much as we are.  The truth is everyone struggles, and none of it is quantifiable because of how vastly different we are from one another.


Learn to fill yourself with eternal happiness, create forever love, constant purpose with passion, and ongoing success.  Open up the universe to pour into yourself all the things you desire onto this lifetime so that your cup runs over.  Penetrate the spirit with a peace everlasting right here on earth, no regrets.  Lifetime happiness is what I desire for all.




We all deserve happiness, right here and right now.


Born Beautifully Boundless is a blog I created at one of the lowest points in my life.  I began to journal my discontent with my daily existence and would often refer back to it daily.  It was a reminder to help myself when my path to daily happiness seemed bleak and unattainable.


Taste love, happiness, and wealth for yourself.  My burdens began to lighten during a time in life where I was being kicked to the side by society, with no income and raising two beautiful children independently.  Over and over, the successful professed how they made it, but I could not dissect the words and insert them into my life to make those words a reality for myself. 




A quick readable for motivation after signing up for the blog or sign up for the vlog version on Youtube @BornBeautifullyBoundless.  Self-Help book coming out summer of 2022.


The blog is a weekly account of my journey.   Creating happiness for myself was the best step I could have taken for myself, and it will behoove you to do the same.  Yes, the struggle for happiness on earth is genuine, but struggling doesn’t have to be yours forever!



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