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From Hate to Love

Hate is a complex topic.  When it comes to combatting hate, it begins within self.  You have no control of how others approach the world, or you who live within it.  By no means do we allow others acts of hate dictate how we treat others or ourselves.  Hate is just like a disease like COVID that is highly contagious.  Just being in the vicinity of it can cause negative repercussions that are beyond our understanding.  Yet these too can be cured.  Here are some quick suggestions to combat hate:

1st Remove yourself from situations that bring this kind of emotion out of you, if at all possible.  Don't look back or even try to talk yourself into believing that you can control this type of feeling permeating from others.  Like a virus, run if you can.

2nd Leave the emotion right where it was found.  Do not take it with you.  This means in words or deeds.  A frown, negative words, or even a gesture can mean that you have been infected and you may need to quarantine yourself from others if you find yourself repeating behaviors or thinking of retaliation.

3rd Immerse yourself immediately in the antidote to hate which is love.  Whether it is family, friends or s.o.  get all up in the lovefest immediately after contact.

Want to learn more ways to surround yourself in love.  Join the Born Beautifully Boundless Blog.  A weekly step by step guide of how to work through self inflicted hate and learn to love  yourself unconditionally.

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