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From Loneliness to Community

Loneliness can be the catalyst to so many other negative emotions.  You are never alone, there is someone out there who feels the same or has had similar circumstances.  Please contact emergency services if the feeling of extreme loneliness is debilitating.  Otherwise here are a few suggestions to combat slight loneliness:

1st Find someone to quarantine with, or find a roommate/pet for everyday situations that have nothing to do with quarantine.  Having another person or a pet around for support, love and comfort is the best way to combat loneliness.

2nd Make sure to keep in touch with others, especially if you find yourself clicking with another's personality.  As we get older we find it harder to make friends and it is because we extend ourselves a lot less than we did in youth.  It is as simple as inquiring, you may find they are in as much as a friend as you are.

3rd Find groups to join where you can socialize and be heard as much as you like to listen.  This will help to broaden the amount of like minded people you encounter with.  It will open you up to new opportunities to find love and/or friendship.

Want to learn more ways to find a community or family of like minded individuals.  Join the Born Beautifully Boundless Blog.  A weekly step by step guide of how to work through loneliness and find a supportive community.

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