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Self Care

Day 7 of 14: Taking Care during COVID-19 Self Quarantine


1) Yourself - Think of ways to sustain yourself physically. Wash your hair, do your nails, you can even create a spa day at home. If you have teenagers they can join in on the prep and maintaining as well. You can paint each others nails, get creative with it - buy a kit to help make it easier or more fun. They have decals you can use on your nails to make them more fun and look more professional. It could be that you and your spouse give each other detailed shoulder, back, full body or temple massages. Day of beauty and relaxation does not have to be limited to just yourself or to those things mentioned.


2) Dependents - Give the younger generation a chance to be in charge of dinner. They can prepare the entire meal, with just you overlooking to make sure things are safe. Try not to do too much dictating. If you have older dependents let them have free reign knowing that cleanup is also their responsibility. Even if tonight you just have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner, that is one less meal you have to prepare and serve.


3) Planning Ahead - Once you have done your deep cleaning, spot clean daily. Everyday pick some area that needs a little attention and just focus on that area only. This way the dirt doesn't pile up on you and make it more of a chore than it has to be. Kids leave crumbs after a meal, sweep at that moment so your not spreading through house as they continue walking or playing. Mirror gets spotty grab a wipe and wipe it down as you brush your teeth. After you shower wipe it down or spray your favorite cleanser on it.

4) Activity for all- Today is Sunday for those who worship try and find a telecast to participate in. Lots of churches are going online through YouTube,Facebook etc. Other congregations have websites in which they post there sermons. It is important to keep connected to your faith and those who believe as you do. Don't worship, their are groups for those who have no spiritual standing and this could be a positive move for you as well.

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