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Mantras and Balance

Day 8 of 14: Taking Care during COVID 19 Self Quarantine



1) Yourself: Begin your day with a mantra or use throughout the day if you need to regroup.

Today I choose me

Life is as it should be

and all is well

My thoughts create my reality

I am calm and at peace

I can do this


It could be long one such as the above or a short phrase. These mantras began with simple bible verses paraphrased to give hope in a time of hopelessness. They have since broaden to a variety of quotes taken from others whom people admire.


...and this too shall pass


It doesn't matter if you make one up, quote from another source, use your religion or a groups words to help to motivate you and keep your mind positive. Just do and say as often as you need to pull through.


2) Dependents - Keeping in the frame of mind of having a healthy one, it is a great idea to let your kids dress up and create characters to be and play. It does a couple of things for the mind; take away the current situation, role play is great learning, and imagination is key to success. Let them dress up or dress as crazy as they like. They are at home, noone has to see but it is okay if they do. Let them be loose, push some boundaries that you may not normally let them do when going to school or daycare. It is one less thing for you to micromanage and they are getting a chance for expression and escape. Both are necessary to becoming a healthy and confident adult. So support their choice of superheroes or characters.

3) Planning Ahead - You want to spend less money on home repairs and businesses coming in and out of your home during this time. Here's a couple of tips to help with plumbing. Don’t flush your wipes - even the ones that are supposedly disposable. It takes much longer for these to biodegrade causing more septic tank issues than anything. Instead use a small zip lock bag just for wipes and then dispose of entire bag in garbage daily.


If you already didn't know this also goes for those tampons that expand when wet.

4) Activity for all- Everyone can help keep things organized and working well during this time. Delegate if you can! Maybe we work together to build that shelf and decide what items need to be use or put way there so that things don't get too messy during quarantine.

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