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A play that delves into mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, narcissistic behaviors, suicide, self-worth etc. 

A girl feeling sad

When Angels Cry

Heather Ina


When Angels Cry is a dual-character play set in the living room of a very dingy, small, and dirty apartment. The apartment is set within a city dwelling, and the energy inside and outside of the apartment is toxic. There will be many times when Charley has episodes of great conflict where her disturbances cause unseen characters (outside her window and apartment door) to respond to her. Agitants that expose many of her triggers and help to bring the past into the forefront of the conversation.


Charley (MC) is embarking on year thirty and has found life to be unkind. Her childhood was undesirable, and now, after years of having a best friend to share everything with, she finds herself alone. She questions how to move forward when she feels she has nothing to live for.


Charley is fed up with her trauma-filled life. She is ready to commit suicide, has taken many pills, and has been drinking all day. During her breakdown, the closest person comes to her rescue to convince her that her life is worth living for. This one person/angel is the best friend who had taken her life just a week prior.


Breezy was Charley’s best friend since they were toddlers. They are an unlikely couple, which is revealed during one of their back-and-forths. Breezy was an overachiever and did her best to excel at everything she did. She came from a two-parent household, the best of everything, and a scholarship. She lost sight of herself in her quest to be the best for others. The struggle took a toll on her, and she slit her wrist in Charley’s apartment.


Charley is grappling with her death. Finding her best friend like that destroyed everything she thought she knew about life. She came from a single-parent home where she took care of herself. Her sexual and physical traumas made her outlook on the world more grim, and the fact that she felt her friend had it all and still took her life makes her think that she is non-existent, a waste of space.


As Charley grapples with the methods to take her life, finding many are too gruesome, the Angel of her best friend enlightens her on her selfish choice to take her own life. She convinces  Charley that she is much stronger because of her trials and traumas and more competent than she thinks.


During many imaginary conversations between the two and self-reflections, Charley will discuss self-esteem, love, care, and acceptance on levels affecting black and brown communities. At the tail end, another friend checking in on Charley will call. The ending will provide the audience with some solutions and mental health services available for those struggling with thoughts of suicide or know somebody who is.

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