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Romantic Fiction Sample

Romantic Fiction sample of a story about a woman who puts herself back out there after a terrible relationship and finds herself falling in love again.

Romantic Fiction sample of Heather Ina's personal collection.

Layla sat poised, with a drink in hand, as the lull of jazz called her to calmness. The taste of Stoli was a familiar, unforgiving flavor to create a martini with, but it created a quick sprint to a buzzed feeling. No longer did she feel so nervous, and even the anxiousness of his late entrance seemed to dull halfway through the first glass. A much more welcomed feeling enveloped her, causing her to stay seated at the bar waiting a half hour later. It was true that right now she extremely enjoyed the warmth that the martini released within her. She would mentally snuggle amongst the flames that overwhelmed her insides, as it slid down her passages into her core and sent her ablaze. This heat would engulf her and melt all her inhibitions that supported the walls she built up through her tumultuous previous relationships.

Today, she wanted to be open to the possibility of new love, happiness, and wonderful memories made to bury any that were no longer relevant. Okay, now she was even willing to admit that this might turn out to be a great date, or even admit that it was a date at all. With every sip she felt stronger and more capable of handling anything that might come her way tonight. Whether this blind date be a success or not, it would be her triumph for getting out there again and at least trying. Stoli had already begun to comfort her into submission and now longed to no longer be waiting on his arrival. Although she had no idea what he looked like, he received a texted picture of her, without permission, so that he would recognize her tonight. The next song began to swoon, and suddenly the volume of the bar's patrons overpowered the tune by a couple of octaves. Layla opened her eyes from the sip that no longer brought warmth but exuded sexual stimulation instead.

“If he is any type of good looking, he might get laid tonight.” Layla thought to herself as she began nearing the end of her first martini. She focused her browns to catch a glimpse of a wonderfully tall and handsome fellow entering the lobby and crossing over to the bar section of the hotel. She wondered to herself if this beautiful specimen would be the one who was sent to entertain her tonight. He was absolutely scrumptious. Yesssss! Ameni definitely did the damn thang for this hook-up. He certainly would be getting some action tonight after all the foreplay Stoli did in his tardiness. Looking that fine, she could forgive him for being late. In the retell of their first meeting, she would even act as if he arrived on time, if he was a good lay. The closer he came to where she positioned herself at the bar, her heart skipped a beat. She noticed his gaze was locked into hers.

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