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Give Yourself a Break

BBB Entry#11

Must do - Take some time in between tasks, just to be.

Why - Everyone needs a break sometimes. It helps to re-energize you and keeps you motivated.


Every day isn't a reflection day, a fight for survival, or a growth day. You can exhaust yourself even before you get started. Don't keep plowing through when you have reached your limit, find yourself frustrated, and seem to be losing control of your emotional handle. Take a step back when necessary, no matter how often. Don't give up; just give yourself a break. Everyone needs time to recoup and reprioritize. Maybe even figure out another way if you try again and are still unsuccessful. Taking that time gives you a chance to breathe. You can even bring back more joy for those moments in pause. Some days just need to be as simple as that, a day.

What I Realized

Some people can plow through, and others can't. It is okay to be either type. Don't be hard on yourself or compare yourself to others. The only thing that is the same is that we are all human. The rest is vague similarities. Don't ruin the day because you feel some sort of way about your progress. There is no timeline, magic solution, or blueprint for your life. Some days are just hard, exhausting, difficult, or unmanageable. While some days just need to be a day living in the moment, of whatever moment you need it to be. It is okay to call off work just because, sleep in or make love all day if that is what you choose. It is okay to ignore the kids to take a long bath, read a book, put on the headphones and blast it loud and create your downtime. It is okay to put your phone on silent for 24-48 hours if needed. It is okay to say no and not have anything planned for the day.

What I Did Next

You dictate for how long and how often. If you find a job that doesn't naturally flow with your overall person, make it temporary. Take the position, continuing to find a better fit for your talents and expectations. You can make way for yourself. Sometimes it is as simple as asking, and with the pandemic, you may be able to work from home more readily. You can begin looking at ways to progress yourself in a manner that pleases you and the life that you dream for yourself. Brighten your day, give to yourself. Maybe it is a meal, a phone call with a loved one, or an outing. Let yourself have more moments in between the stuff to enjoy life more.

Once your day is a little brighter, you can strategize another plan to reach the goal. You can reflect after your moment of rest/play. Be better equipped to recognize if your methods are even working. The result is more important than how you get there. Take some/if not all of the pressure off of the original frustrating moment and on the retry. It seems so simple, but if you're a hothead, suffering from depression, or any other host of symptoms - the simple becomes fleeting like a mirage of water in the desert. The goal is to keep life as calm and joyful as possible for extended periods. Deal with your difficult days in a way that keeps you not just above water but floating securely.


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