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Proud Father

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I was proud to call you mother

Keeper of life, love giver

Cradled my child safely in your womb

The announcement of the newcomer

Rocked the core of my world

Put life into perspective

And so it should

I smiled warmly

Held my queen in my arms

Planning for our future together

Separate entities created life

Father, mother and child in holy matrimony

Brought into life in the right

Passing days into months

Your figure ever desirable to me

A birth day to fall into our hands

Born to us was a son

A little boy named in my junior

We praise this day

His safe arrival from the heavens above

To snuggle, ten fingers, ten toes

Two eyes and beautiful button nose

Perfection prevailed in the world

Our babies soul

I cradle, protect, provide and hold

So dear to my own


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