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The Virtue

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

BBB # 33

Must do - Have lots of patience with yourself and obtain the goal.

Why - We tend not to give ourselves enough time, credit, or support when attaining goals. All things come in due time, and many times it happens when you least expect it.


Patience is still a virtue. Meaning it is something you should strive to have more in your life. Practice patience because it will help obtain happiness and bring more peace to others around you. Try not to recreate your past with behaviors that did not serve you well in your future. Think fast, get in front of your failures and circumvent the problem altogether. Did your lack of patience have anything to do with your lack of success? Why wait and watch something go to hell in a handbasket when you can make a change now that will alleviate pain later. It may be a huge learning curve to tackle, but it will help you obtain more patience. Patience does not only extend to others but ourselves as well. The most fallible solution is to forget to be patient with yourself. If I had more patience, I would have seen that some things end up working themselves out without any energy, blood, sweat, or tears. Problems became problems because I jumped too quickly to solve something that was not my capability to change. Only the wait is what I should have done and could have avoided the unnecessary situations. If I let time guide, some obstacles would have led me down the “right” path, but that I was too afraid to sit still.

What I Realized

Patience is an excellent virtue when dealing with others. It helps others remain calm in difficult situations and is a gift extended without return. If you happen to extend it to people that don’t deserve it, you may find that you are the solution to a problem that lies underneath a situation. But as I stated earlier, patience is more useful when you also learn to do this with and for yourself. It combats stress, anxiety and can help circumvent depression. It can also lead to better encounters with others, more significant relationships, and an ability to attract the goals you have been chasing for years. You may find in your ability to sit still that the universe is meant to give you the things you want, need, and desire. Like water, your movement can cause the objects you yearn for to move further and further away. Knowing that you are worth it and that the world will deliver these things may give you a different perspective on patience.

I am not saying that patience and sitting still are the end all be all. You can not go through life doing little, saying nothing, and still achieve your goals. You have to be sure of what you want. Positively you will need to take action when the objects or ideas you desire are close to fruition. Back to the water example, once you have been patient, moved intentionally but calmly in the direction of the item, you will have to reach out and grab it. So you have taken several actions to obtain what you are looking for, but you didn’t rush the process. Through a calm, patient, and deliberate manner, you can grasp the floating object—the same with life. Sustain calm waters around you to reach your goal.

What I Did Next

I learned to depend on my village more. No matter what, we believe the people around us are part of the connective tissue we must nurture to reach our goals. I have another example, this time a real-life one. I am at a job that I don’t care for much. I can go in angry and venting daily, making my coworkers uncomfortable, possibly ostracizing myself because my energy is negative, and others might not want to be bothered by it. I could lose the job and start all over again, or be unable to start over. Or I can go to the job and make the best of the situation and support others who may also not enjoy the job either. Staying positive will allow you to create a network of individuals who deep down might just think of you when say something or connect you with another that leads you right into where you need to be. Be patient with your current position, but you know your goal and make strides toward that goal in small ways. You are building relationships at work and maybe even talking about your other goals. An opportunity arises, instead of fearing the possibility, you should reach out and take hold.

Make the best of the situation, no matter how broken it is, and continue to be a bright spot in others’ day. It would be best if you didn’t start all over again all the time. When should you ever throw a baby out with the bathwater? You should change the bath water and be patient with the baby inside of it. More specifically, your goal is the baby; the water is the world around you that can be fickle and harsh, the tub is your mindset - which also might need to do a major overhaul on but don’t touch the baby stay patient and calm. You might find that in your still moments with patience, the baby/goal might just cuddle right next to you and fall asleep.


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