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Creating Moments

Day 6 of 14: Taking Care during COVID-19 Self Quarantine



1) Yourself - HEALTH: Try something new to help improve your spirit like meditation or yoga. Maybe you have always wanted to join a church, group, or domain. Sometimes it is a simple as learning a new language, technique or craft. Now is the time to check it out, explore the options, try it and see if you like it. On your own time find materials, websites, and online classes that could help with your progression. If money is an issue their are ways to get information without the high prices, it could be as simple as an online book (which is pretty cheap) Don't invest too much money into it as you are just exploring and you don't want to regret trying new things because of finances.


Doing it during your own time will cut down on the unwanted comments from those you know or the soliciting emails from the groups you are trying to learn about. There are plenty of sites and people logging on to help with their own sanity. Join a group do something new for a change. This can help expand your social circle, improve your outlook on the world. Be careful though not to overextend yourself. You have plenty of time but still limits in which you can stretch yourself. Joining too, much too fast can be just as detrimental.



2) Dependents - MOVIE NIGHT: Make a movie night with popcorn, surround sound (optional) and snacks. Watch something new together or your child’s favorite. A little escape within the home is just what your family might need. If you can spare the expense, get one of the popcorn makers so that everyone can get their own, it also puts it on display and really adds to the event. They have popcorn bags or boxes you can use, and these you can purchase from the Dollar Store. You can also buy you candy there as well and they come in the boxes that are presented to you at the movie theatre.


Switch up nights so everyone gets a turn to choose a movie. This gives everyone a chance to have a say on what is watched, and if you have an older group maybe everyone picks one movie and you stay up til the crack of dawn watching them all. Make it into an event by using popcorn containers or creating a refreshment stand. Darken the room and create a home movie experience. Treat you and your family to the VIP experience right at home.


3) Planning Ahead - Fix those broken items in your home that you had bought everything in order to repair but never got to it. Maybe you overlooked these things, or didn't even notice because you were too busy with the daily grid. Now your notice the cracks in the ceiling or walls, the broken closet doors, or maybe you just want to purchase the vanity item you always wanted. Sometimes you just want to upgrade the look of a piece of furniture or a room. This can be an inexpensive task because caulk, stains, and handles are quick, cheap fixes that can really change things. It you have an infant at home you can begin child proofing now while you have the time. It will also give you time to make adjustments or learn how they work best.

4) Activity for all- Today have it your way! Your days don't always need a schedule and a list of things to do. Sometimes you just need time to defrag, a moment to just do nothing ans so do your dependents. Everyone needs a break. Take a nap, have a drink, just chill...

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