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Be Fearless


Must do – To live boundlessly means you will have to be fearless.

Why - Unto you get used to your wings, you will have not to let fear take over your mind. Like birds, we also were meant to fly in our purpose. Hold on to faith, and the rest will take place.


Fear has no place here! Hold on tight to the promises that He gave. Those people who you care for are the anchors into His infinite grace. Whether you believe you are deserving or not, those you help support know you are. Be of good spirit. You must hold onto what you know is right and what has presented itself in your time of doubts. Look at what is versus what your mind will take you. Your mind can train itself to go against what is healthy and positive. When you let negative emotions always be in the forefront, your mind predicts this pattern and often migrates towards this process. If you have been a negative thinker, that does not change. Everything seems to skew itself to being the cup half empty. You will need to spend extra time to revamp the self talk back to the cup being half full.

Hold on because you will find the rest of your everything on the other side. All the things you feel you deserve are just out of your reach. Just because you can see, touch, or feel them in the seconds you desire does not mean that it isn’t mean to be. Are you patient enough for yourself? It is time to love yourself unconditionally with the strength of ten-thousand bulls—life or death - literally and figuratively. No matter what you do, do it with positivity. No matter what you say, say it with a blessing. No matter where life takes you, take it with pleasure. On the way, help another, don’t block them with ill will but uplift them with an empathetic spirit.

What I Realized

We are not born in fear. We are courageous as infants. We were exploring the world with no limits to what we can do. We are taught to be something other; thus, we have to unlearn these limitations. Infants and toddlers conquer their world, but they do so because they are fearless. Nothing is off-limits to them. They will keep trying to walk, talk, and do whatever it is they want to do until someone tells them no. I needed to go back to infancy and begin again. This time I know that I didn’t have the first time around. I know where I went wrong and what I have done right. I must stand in my convictions and decide I am worthy.

What I Did Next

I had to get rid of the training wheels to live. I began doing what I said I wanted to do all my life. Every day the income doesn’t come is another day to doubt my gift. What I know is that I have just started living without boundaries. I have spent decades living with them and not even a year doing the opposite. I need to give it time. The goal is to reach a milestone, and if nothing comes of my efforts – I won’t give up, but I will need to redirect my intentions some. I don’t want to live in poverty or without my children. When it becomes that dire, I will need to reevaluate things and handle my business. Until then, I need to put all my effort and time into my purpose. Giving it time and seeing what it produces for me. I am no longer scared to try. If this works, I have proof of making it happen for myself. If not, I know how to support my children in their endeavors to being boundless. Either way, for me, I win.


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