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Building Roots

BBB Entry#18

Must do - Only take steps toward the ultimate goal, forever happiness.

Why - You should only be adding things, people, and situations into your life that bring you happiness. Your life is most likely filled with obligations and other things you don’t quite enjoy. So what you add needs to be only towards the purpose of creating happiness.


Time to begin growing roots from the seed that will flourish into your dreams. Often, we take steps that will not yield the harvest that brings joy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with ourselves, but the life circumstance we find ourselves envelops within. Circumstance has only the power our mind creates. You put no energy into thinking circumstance prevents you from achieving, then it has no worth. People less deserving are thriving because their mind is set that they deserve everything they have and will come to them. So the roots built are eternal and cannot be given or taken away by anyone other than yourself and the mindset you have. The hard work comes in next. Keeping ourselves in check is a much more demanding and unique process than when we do this for others. As people, we tend to give ourselves too much slack or be too hard on ourselves. We are more than likely an odd combination of the two that ebbs and flows to its own rhythm.

What I Realized

It is tedious to keep up with something ever-changing and internal. That is why monitoring and checking in with self is a critical process to the day, week, month, and year. It is a constant stabilizer that will ensure the stability needed to transform your life. You will find yourself going back to topics such as “Poor but not Unworthy,” “To the Core,” or even “Be a Snowflake,” as the internal struggle continues from day to day. Reread topics as necessary, reflect as much as possible, even add to your planned day; a time is meant just for you and your mind’s peace and happiness. It may seem selfish at times, but to continue to do for others with a sense of willing satisfaction, you have to be happy.

What I Did Next

Continue to make sure that you focus on the goal and yourself and that you are continuing to find ways to fill your days with those things that give you pleasure. Maintain a clean headspace from day today. If something is bothering you, find a space and place to discard it so that it no longer weighs on your spirit. It is essential to take a mental note and update the mental before any other arrangements can occur. If your mind is still toxic or unable to hold on to positivity, you will be projecting and causing more roots to grow or weeds to overcome the seed you have planted. Just like a delicate flower in a garden, you can not just leave it to fend for itself day-to-day. Especially in the beginning, when it is new to its surrounding. As the year’s passed, you may not monitor as much, but you are in the beginning stages of growing those roots right now. All your attention, love, and care need to go into this seed. You!

Once you have been doing it successfully for a while, then the focus may divert some. Until then, the word will still be “focus,” yet more on the roots and its growth into maturity. Water with words of encouragement. Weed out the past behavior that prevented you from obtaining your goal sooner. Feed with messages and people who have created the space you are trying to create for yourself. Most importantly, make sure to stay in the light (positivity); your sunshine is necessary daily for years to come. Roots need soil, so make sure to stay grounded with your bible, meditation, or whatever you have established as your go-to (BBB Entry #2 Listening to Self).


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