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Give Grace

BBB Entry #21

Must do - Find hobbies that you enjoy, easily accessible, and cost little to nothing.

Why - Part of keeping your mind busy to rid yourself of negative thoughts has something to do with the idle time between tasks. When silence becomes overwhelming, you need something else to occupy the mind.


Yoga has been a saving grace for me. I have always wanted to incorporate this meditational exercise into my life. What had prevented me for so long, I believed, was life; the schedule, the lack of funds, the kids, the job, the mental state, and finally, the physical stamina. I put the limitation on myself and gave these entities the power to take something from me before I even began. So I never did. Then life smacked me upside the head hard. Made me stop right in my tracks almost a year before the global shutdown. When I felt I was getting my legs again underneath the situation, quarantine was here. I found no escape for dealing with self, my entire self. I needed a major overhaul—no schedule per se. I had been jobless before COVID. The kids would always be there, my mental state was poisonous, and the physical stamina was non-existent. So why not? I could try and fail, and no one would be privy but me in the confines of my own home.

In the beginning, I used yoga to stretch my body when I pulled the groin muscle. It was a relaxing way to get the body back moving again in a positive direction. It began to be the fuel I needed to get through my day, and then just the teaser to my new workout regime. I had more energy and was now able to complete my chores before the noon hour. Then I found myself more limber for extracurricular activities - no longer sore or running out of breath so quickly. Working out, yoga and all, became this moms’ “me time.” I cleared my mind, strengthened my body, and calmed my spirit before the day even began.

What I Realized

Although there are still many days my two-year-old can’t help herself, she often interrupts my flow of exercise. She is becoming less of a distraction, and now sometimes, she does her version of the exercises with me. There are other days when she comes in and gives me praise as I do her often, “great job, mommy, keep going.” I have begun to enjoy exercise again, although I try to stick to the exercise activities I enjoy more than others. I do not eliminate the others. It has helped me control my blood pressure and have more energy to deal with family, life, and emotions.

What I Did Next

So when I mention finding a hobby, it is not just about filling up time because you may be bored. It is about finding a better mental state for yourself. These extracurriculars will begin to fill up the idle time. It will give you grace where you need to extend it to others. Your hobby can create a vibe that allows them your patience, grace, or mercy on the things that may be unbecoming to your happiness goals. A hobby is to bring joy and then pass the joy to those who are presented in your life daily. It could even keep you from using that vocabulary with the other people in your life when you are describing this person. One less foul word from your mouth means one less spoken about you as well.


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