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Must do – Learn to gravitate toward the things, people, and ideas that you enjoy most.

Why - Your natural abilities to gravitate to the familiar will begin to fall in place. It will be constant to stay positive and enjoy every moment of life. Later, you will begin to choose the path always traveled. The goal is to take a healthier approach to start gravitating towards these new norms.


I have been scared to step out and let the world see who I am. Not because I don’t think I am worthy but because I have been accustomed to hiding. My comfort was created in hiding. I didn’t put myself out there so that no one had an opportunity to judge me. Instead, I gravitated towards this way of living because it was familiar. Trying something different meant that I became uncomfortable every day. Being uncomfortable made me question if I was doing the right thing for myself. Upon reflection, I found that I was happier but highly uncomfortable. So I had to think about what was more important, being comfortable or happy. I chose happiness. Courage was needed to sit in the uncomfortable until the feeling became my new comfort. Stepping outside of myself to figure out how to reshape my daily was part of the journey, and I couldn’t just give up because it lacked ease.

What I Realized

The steps that I have taken up until this point were hard. I thought that the difficult part would be the step, not the entire walk. The journey isn’t getting any easier as I walk along. The fear of being uncomfortable, clearly seen for who I am and excepting everything, good and bad, comes with it. I didn’t use to be so afraid. There was a time when I found myself having enjoyable moments more often. The problem is that I let the past dictate my happiness in my present. I overthink. Now the goal is to embrace that courageous girl and intertwine with the woman who can live in the present. It is about really spending time with self and seeing what it is you truly enjoy and what you need to let go of forever. Creating new norms means that there will be elongated periods where I will be tense and want to retreat. The goal is to stay on the path.

What I Did Next

I am used to going to work and receiving a paycheck whether my day was successful or not. Becoming an entrepreneur has been unsettling because that guarantee does not happen, even for successful days. I can get a lot of work done, but that doesn’t mean that you cash in on the job right away. I am not able to reap the rewards; I find myself uncertain immediately. The longer I try in this new work ethic, the easier it becomes to rely on myself and understand success versus failure in a way that had nothing to do with monetary gain. At the end of my workday, I have a massive list of the things I have accomplished. I am even trying to find other methods to bring in immediate financial relief while maintaining a healthy outlook on my progress as a writer.

The ability to schedule the day is the main driving force that keeps me from giving up on myself. I have tried several methods to create solace in working for others. Creating my schedule to how and when I work allows my happiness to sustain itself. So I try something new, and if I find myself unhappy, I retreat and try something else until I find something that works better for me. Honing how I like to progress in my career is the best way to stabilize career happiness.

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