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The Truth

BBB Entry#16

Must do - Be uplifting to yourself, especially when things don’t go well.

Why - Putting yourself out there is a wonderful feeling. Without the risk of failure, there is no challenge to do better and be better. Every step you take forward is a reward within itself.


We all feel like a failure at some point in time. Something doesn’t go as planned, a marriage, pregnancy, career, or aspiration, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for you. One minute you are full of hope, and the next top of tears and possible despair. When life does not give you precisely what you want, it can be frustrating. The frustration is not exclusive to you. Life is not fair. It does not have a scorecard to ensure that everyone has equal joys and setbacks. Life’s trial and tribulations is not a singular circumstance that happens to only you and those around you. Everyone has their moments of helplessness and failure.

So if everyone has failures, why is it that some are doing much better than others. First, everyone’s success looks and feels different. You can not just look at someone’s life and compare that they feel as successful as they look to you. Though you might see it as a success, the person living may feel it is a burden. Second, the reactions make all the difference to some versus others’ success. A cynical, defeatist attitude takes you further away from your goals, happiness, and excellent mental health. The power of the mind is so much more than many of us give credit. When you decide to feel low, then low is what you represent, and when you express this, life tends to magnetize this energy to you more. So you get more of what you feel and give out into the world, right back at you. Especially when you already don’t have the fortune of someone throwing their money at your problems.

What I Realized

Positivity changes everything within. If you fill the inside with it, the world magnetizes this towards you. Not to say that there may be other factors that contribute to wellness and success, but the starting point to the formula is all the same. Draw more positive energy into your life, starting right now, and see how the world replies. How, you might be asking? Be more positive yourself. Try it with your child, or spouse, boss, or that co-worker that gets on your nerves—thirty days of being positive.

When you are thinking about results, don’t look outward at how they act toward you in return. Instead of for accurate results, look inside and see how you feel. Mentally and emotionally and then see how this energy manifests itself in other aspects of your life. You may get a better response from that person, but even better than that, you might find that life aligns itself so that their reactions are no longer even a concern in your life anymore. Your circle will grow because of positive energy - and truthfully, not everyone can receive this energy.

Once your village grows with more positive energy, things will begin to turn, and it is your job to stay on the path - the rest will follow. There is no limit to how huge this energy can become, where it reaches and how many people it can affect. The same goes for other types of energy. Negative energy I am sure of what becomes of it because I have lived it, and if you have to and you are tired of it as I am, try something different. You and I deserve it. But it has to begin with you and I and not the rest of the world.

What I Did Next

Try putting out the energy you would like to receive. You get what you give. Whether life goes as planned or not. And by no means am I saying to be fake. Be authentically yourself but putting the best out for the world to see. If you’re not a hugger, then don’t hug, but that doesn’t mean that a good morning wouldn’t go a long way, especially if you expect one from others. What you want from the world, you then give to the world. If you’re going to be left alone, don’t mess with others, but give it to someone else if you want sympathy. It is simple as being the energy you want, need, and deserve in your life to others.


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