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To the Core

Born Beautifully Boundless Entry #3

Must do - Be clear on who you are and who you are not!

Why - At times, there will be some gray areas in situations, people, and obligations. Instead of just flowing through a moment unsure, you must stop and analyze if it honors who you are at your core. Not everything is clear cut, and it is in these moments that we find ourselves veering off track.

Perspective: More days than I would like to admit, there has been a tremendous struggle. Getting up, going to work, and living each day was tough. I am not referring to the external elements that tend to hinder our accomplishments because those can be innumerable. It is the more internal complications that exacerbate the hindrance to complete objectives. Those elements that are most important to mental growth and maturation were missing. I was living, but stagnantly. Your daily objectives must match your intrinsic desire. The core of self is rooted in who you are as a contributor to humanity's success and the shared society in which we all live. Meaning we were born for a reason, and only we know or can figure out what that purpose is. This is the hardest thing to understand about yourself and takes much reflection and understanding of self to be aware.

What I Realized

Many versions of yourself can exist in this world. Not all of them will bring you pleasure or happiness, but you can be that, do it, and survive. If life is only about survival for you, this journey may not be for you. But if you yearn desperately as I have, then you need to explore yourself at the core. Why do you think you were put on this earth? How can you be naturally of service? It takes effort to figure it out and endeavor to be just that. You can continue to lavish in fleeting moments of happiness and pleasure in objects, pets, and/or people. The other option is to find happiness and pleasure for yourself because you are your only forever.

That was the kicker for me. I am my only forever! My only friend, confidant, protector, lover, etcetera from birth to death. I may make wonderful friends and other connections globally, but none are guaranteed to last or be forever. Only you are yours forever! So, what do you possibly do with that information?

The idea myself daunted me; it was a major slap in the face. Until the reflection made during my injury, my decision to make a change and listen actively to everything my inner voice was saying finally. Those steps made the “slap” or wake-up call more pleasurable than painful. I was important to me, and you are important to you.

What I Did Next

What is most important to the core of who you are? Do you know, or even care to know? Without this knowledge, it is almost impossible to capture sustaining happiness. Few of us live our entire lives gifting the world with our core. Most will have to work hard to obtain and even harder to sustain it. Not to say that it can’t be done. The hard part is the desire toward the effort because you will learn that your natural gift was not meant for you but the world. Gifts are natural, effortless things you do/say, but we normally save this for people we love or are connected to. Part of the angst or unhappiness comes with the fact that we are stingy with ourselves to everyone else. Haven’t you noticed the selfless tend to be happiest, and it has nothing to do with how much they had to begin with?

What are your natural gifts? This is something you’re comfortable in and brings you joy no matter the outside influences. People may find you weird, strange, or even eclectic because of it. Sometimes it is something simple that others tend to point out about you. You tend to brush it off because, for you, this is nothing, and not enough can ever be said to change this characteristic about you. Maybe this, something you can begin to yearn for and build on. Find a way to make this your foundation every day. I do x, y, and z to practice sharing my natural gift with the rest of the world. It is essentially who I am and always will be.

Whether it takes a few years, days, or minutes to see, obtain, sustain, and achieve, keep pushing those daily goals further until you can make it work for you. If you are anything like me, it may be decades or your entire lifetime, but having a purpose is worth the fight. Being joyful daily is the point of this journey; it is why you even bother with this blog. Everyone wants to be happy, but it is a longer, harder journey for some. This gives you more to give to others, not to take because the journey is the battle.


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