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Relax to Release

BBB # 37

Must do - Still having trouble releasing an emotion? Then sometimes you need to take a few more steps to get rid of it. You must relax.

Why - Emotions can be great, but often they are the catalyst to addictions and terrible habits we create to cope. The best way to stay in control and help gear them towards positivity is finding a way to relax to release. If what you have been doing isn’t working, take another step towards finding relaxation for your spirit.


Don’t get caught up in too many sporadic feelings right now. Find a way to release all emotions back out into the world without damaging yourself. Both positive feelings as well as negative feelings can get you caught up in the wrong type of energy. In the previous week's blog, “Emotional Some?”, we addressed the negative emotions that can be detrimental to our success. We tend to talk about and dwell on negative emotions a lot (BBB#36). If we want to grow and reach our fullest potential, of course negative emotions can derail us before we even get started. This is clear to all and is the topic of many therapy sessions across the world. Professionals often address the negativity that is presented in our lives but there is another culprit that I would like to focus on today. That is the positive feelings that we can get caught up in, that ultimately have a negative effect towards our progress.

Let’s recognize what they could be first. You have stayed the course and find that you are happier. So you are well on your way, and possibly believe that the work is done. You’ve obtained the job, family, friends, financial status and relationship you have always wanted. So the journey is done, right? Incorrect, the journey you are on currently is a lifelong one. It is never ending. Just because you have reached the goals you began with doesn’t mean there is nothing else to do. Many success stories have ended in detriment because of overconfidence without any work. Like anything worth having, you have to work constantly to continue to sustain it. Things can be good for years, even decades before you find yourself back at square one, or even worse too far to come back. Many have lost their way and have become a part of one of our homeless communities. Compare your Boundless journey to your career, there is always work to do. Until the day you are no longer here to do, you are supposed to continue with growth. There is always room for improvement. Life is the journey, and it is definitely not a destination. Take a moment and let that sink in. Once you think you have arrived and there is nothing more to do; is the moment you stopped living.

Your dreams are coming to fruition finally and you can see the light at the end of a tunnel. Seeing the light shouldn’t be enough. You should want to bask in it. The only way to make it into the sunshine is to keep walking. After a while your body will acclimate to the heat, so you must continue the journey closer to the light which includes others. First you become better for yourself, and then you can begin to be better for others. Not only those who are in your immediate circle, but anyone and everyone who comes in contact with you. There is still work to do. To grow higher, wider and healthier day by day includes the success of others. To do a little better in all areas of life than you did the day before. Try not to let your success separate you from the journey or the true goal of forever happiness. You can’t have it forever if everyone around you is miserable. Success is not presented in the things you have obtained. It is presented in the lives of the others you have affected in a positive way.

There have been hard times in your past, and be warned there will be hard times ahead. The gift of life is to affect the world in a positive manner, that is what will ultimately fulfill you. You have triumphed in a different way once you can honestly do for a complete stranger. Your personality will smooth out in some areas, meanwhile in other areas you will still need lots of improvement. The relationships you have with others will deepen, strengthen and ultimately be more healthy. You will notice that your anger, or reactions to things has changed for the better. Depression will be a waning emotion instead of a staying factor in your life. The list can go on and on with the improvements you have made and the positive feelings that you have toward yourself having made these accomplishments. Yes, you should be excited about the progress you have made since you began this journey with me. At the same time though, be wary of an over inflated ego. Once many have reached their own personal goals they become untouchable in their own mind. Forgetting from where they once were, and defeating the purpose of the journey in the first place.

You might still be questioning what I mean about positive feelings giving off the wrong type of energy. Think of it as a person who thinks too highly of themself, egotistical, cynical, conceited, or even a pure snob. A person who now thinks they are better than everyone else because they reached a goal. They become arrogant and disrespectful to those who helped them on their own personal journey or to those that look for guidance along their own journey. Thinking too positively of oneself can also make you complacent long enough for the dream to fall apart. There are many ways that dwelling on the good for too long can bring the wrong type of energy. Don’t ever think less of someone that is still struggling to find their happiness or still doesn’t know where to begin. You were in this place as well. Learn to pick those up around you and support their growth as you would expect someone to do for you.


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