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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

You allowed the divide that permitted another man become the dream

Fulfilling my every fantasy through consistent action it seemed

Parading me on his arms through life's trials and triumph's

Creating a bond with his ever present charms

Then you place the blame on my limited ability to see

Conniving, lying and further denying instead of learning to desire

In him there is wholeness within his heart, even with the imperfections

The willingness to be with me in forever time instead of just plain right

Cares for my feelings and what makes me tick, not just my sex

Which is why he is forever mine and you are the ex

As you persist at pointing fingers, never looking at self

Unwilling to admit I was never someone you truly desired

Truthfulness would have set us free from heartache early

Truth is how he attained me and how he plans to sustain the we

Loving me is not about the conquer or the simple need to

It is a sharing of being each others rock and sounding board

Unlike you, he is personally secure in public but more importantly behind closed doors

As you sit and criticize, blame me and the entire world

I bask in the serenity of being desired


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