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Devour Me

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Devour me whole

Drink of my oil

Consume me entirely

No ability to trace

Make the fabric of my soul like lace

Beautifully hidden within your smile

Cradle me in your arms as a child

Beholden of your touch, drive me wild

Heat my body like a ghost pepper

Taste my flower til it's mild

Cup me with massive hands

Open up, within you is where I stand

Satiated by a total man

Protected by your entity

More than just transpires sexually,

Me entirely

Freed inside of our all

Suffocated beyond your protective wall

Total manhood

Smothers, I am unable to breathe without you

Reborn my everything is made anew

In the midst of our about

Unbound with browns of flight

Damn baby, you inspire me

So pleased

Released from lonely misery

Devour me



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