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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I miss those lips

And all ten of those fingertips

Drinking me up sip by sip

The places where I rest my hips

Pelvic to pelvic

I miss our kiss

And all ten of those fingertips

On the nape of my neck

Gripping my wrist as I twist

Every part of me is having a sensual fit

I miss the bliss

Given by every one of your fingertips

A subtle seduction in your script

Moistens the Melon, my clit

So you can naturally slip, in

I miss your lift

Being held by all ten of your fingertips

Weightless just that quick

Sliding in and out from root to tip

Shit, I almost can’t handle it

I miss every bit

Of the sensation you bring with those fingertips

As you stroke my face as we sit

Every conversation we spit

And every. single. solitary. second that we get


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