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Heaven And...

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Closed to the world

Perfect for alone time

Visions of scenic luxuries

Painted by the one who says I belong

Where I can be the imperfect me

And there is none to judge.

Without insecurities

No need to succumb , just be

Right here blessed in Heaven

Opened to a new place

Where harsh sounds disappear

Only what I am, is demanded



Desired by any other here

Loved for the flawed version of me

Cherished snowflake

Peacefulness of Heaven

Confined to the idea

That I can only be who you want me to be

Held by the idea that I am an extension

Of who you need.


The only place I have worth

Although I am worthy

Beyond the walls you've created


Spacious heart filled with soul

Bearing fruit from version of old and young

lesions will heal into better life

Weaved by the thoughts of self

Growth in the valleys

Wings in flight of pleasures

With the yin and yang

Rain is never lasting

Inside Heaven


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