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Hone Your Power


Must do- Know where your power lies and use it to shape your world.

Why - We tend to think that we have control over everything in our lives. The only part of this equation that is true is the part we play. Once we recognize how we can effect change in our lives, we can hone in on the power that matters.


For a long time, I felt powerless to the circumstances of life. I tried my best to go with the flow and not be angry that nothing seemed to turn out as I desired. The feeling of being powerless began to take a toll on me. It made me want to control everything, and the things I was trying to control were not in my control to change. So I only exasperated the feeling of being powerless. The cycle continued, and as a result, I became bitter. My bitterness colored my attitude, and my attitude gave off an energy that returned to me.

Although I am on a different path, it doesn’t mean that the past’s feelings disappear. Every day I will have to work on the deficits consciously. One of them is feeling powerless. When things suddenly change in a way that I cannot handle, I have to remind myself that I am in control. I am in control of myself. I decide that will ultimately keep me on my path or drastically take me back to square one. I can start a new business, but every day will not look like success. Do I stop because I didn’t get the result I was looking for today, or do I know that I have worth? With time and energy, my efforts are rewarded. The new position at work isn’t exactly what I was looking for. Do I throw in the towel or decide if there are portions of this job that I could use to grow while continuing to find a better fit. Should I not put myself out there because the partners I chose never seem to be on the same page as me, or do I just continue to be open and enjoy life without the weight of being single on my shoulders.

What I Realized

There are few things truly in our control. If what you want to change is an outside influence, then no, you have no control. What is in our control is ourselves! Our mind, body, soul, and spirit are where only we have the power to create a world of change. We can be who we want to be 24 hours a day. Regardless of any other factors, we have the power to be ourselves. No matter what that entails. It shapes everything we come in contact with daily. It even influences if this rainy day is a great day or a soul-crushing one.

There is joy in the circumstance we are in right now. The problem is the position we are in is not what we ultimately want for ourselves. We focus more on wants and needs, but they should never overshadow the right now. We become unhappy when we lose the ability to control ourselves. We don’t want to be sad, but we cry. We don’t want to be poor but have no money. We don’t want to be by ourselves but find ourselves lonely. Our eyes are closed to the happiness that we have awakened another day to make the difference. The ability to eat, housing, or the simple clothes that we wear goes unseen. Blinded by the fact that there is no family when we can create a family out of every soul we meet.

What I Did Next

I honed my power. I remember where it lies and how my decisions affect my life. Prayer helped me get some perspective on what was in my control. A simple positive attitude helped me take a chance on a love that I would typically have shut down. A little faith went a long way into creating a work of art with words. With some patience, I healed broken relationships with a conversation towards better understanding. In a vision, I made a less stressful, more hopeful world. The world continues to do what it does. The negativity was all around, and I began to take it in with smaller doses. Drowning myself in the positive, the faith, the patience, the visions, and found that the world could not consume my happiness.


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