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Honor Your Village

BBB Entry # 39

Must do - Remember to honor the people who support you.

Why - They, too, need to feel that what they do and say is of value to you. Your village delicately balances supporting you and doing for themselves. They would also like to do better and be better themselves. Recognize it and make it known that you see and appreciate them.


You have or built a network of people around you that support your desire to do better and be better. Often, this group has listened, offered help, cried with you, celebrated with you, and helped to keep you accountable. Hopefully, you have also tried to support them in their endeavors as they have for you. If not, try to find ways to help give them the same encouragement and support they have offered to you. No one wants to feel like they are giving all of themselves to someone, and that person does not ever reciprocate. Although they may allow things to go at status quo for a while, eventually, they will get tired of giving and never receiving. So do what you can to show that their growth and well-being are just as significant as yours.

What I Realized

It isn’t always about what you spend to show that you appreciate their support. Appreciation goes a long way, even if it is just a verbal thanks. Yet, there are times when you want to do just a little more for the people who seem to give so much to you. A few inexpensive ways that you can honor them are:

Blank Cards-There are blank cards that you can purchase from the dollar store to write a quick thank you message.

Hand Written Notes- It is the simple things people appreciate the most. A sincere thank you or a small gesture of any kind; let them know that you see them and the effort they make in your life. Purchase some stationery for your scribbles; it makes your note seem even more special.

Arts and Crafts - Making a special gift to symbolize how much someone means to you is simple, and there are lots of websites dedicated to this, including this one.

Hand-Picked Flowers - If you own a home, you may have flowers that bloom around your yard all the time. Pick a few with a short note of appreciation.

What I Did Next

At times, I find myself thinking about someone. I used to let the moment pass me by. Now when I get these thoughts, I act upon them. I reach out even if it is a simple message through messenger or a post through one of their social media accounts. My village appreciates the small gifts of my time. I call each individual at least once a year and check-in. As a result, my village stands strong and withstanding even when there is a long period when we are not engaged in constant communication. I tend to get invited to birthdays and major life events because even if I can’t afford a lavish gift, my presence supports them. We are the sum of our experiences and the people we choose to have these experiences with. So when you cherish your village, they will be even more delighted to continue to be a support to you.


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