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Nurture the Gift

BBB Entry #29

Must do - Continue to nurture your purpose by doing things that promote success with your gift.

Why - There are elements in this life that are against your success. They reap more benefit from your failure, so it is up to you to continue to forge forward.


Now you know who you are, and what it is that brings you joy. Time to begin the building of roots with a seed that will grow only what you are trying to obtain. This process must be very thoughtful. You must plant, nurture and watch your dream grow. Weeding around this dream, will be the most useful thing that you can do. Especially in the beginning stages of growth. In the beginning your plant will still be a seed, small and fragile. It can be overcome with the least bit of distraction. So it is best to stay on top of what is surrounding your blessing. Often we take steps that have nothing to do with the type of harvest that we want to cultivate. Be sure of what it is that you would like to have the end result to be. If not you will be unsure during the process of what true growth should look like. Don’t be afraid to say that, this, whatever it is, is not part of the dream. Discard it immediately so that it doesn’t take away from what you are trying to receive.

Sometimes problems that occur have nothing to do with us. Circumstance can enveloped you quickly within the promise to differ and distract. Don’t forget to nurture, during this time as well. These times will make it even harder to “keep your eyes on the prize”. It is the goal to keep you from winning. The beginning is the best time to get you off course. So it will be a dire situation until the goal is full grown or strong enough to continue on its own for a short time without you. Until then you must continue to pay attention to, prune, feed and show affection for the seed. You must be relentless in the pursuit of your happiness, your goals, your dreams, your blessing, and yourself. Nobody can fight, or win this for you. Only you! Don’t lose sight of what is truly important. You may have to still work the nine to five, the children or family members will need you most during certain times of the day - but always return to somehow give some attention to the goal. Try to establish a routine that includes the attention to the blessing.

Often we plant walk away and expect what to spring forth to be done without the hard work and dedication. Perseverance will be a high demand of you, months even years to come. For a while, maybe a long while, you will be splitting your time with reality and the seed you are trying to cultivate. Time and attention needs to be on the crop and not necessarily life as it has been. It is a delicate unbalance, that at times will seem almost impossible, or implausible. Anything worth working for is worth waiting for. This is something you have desired your entire life, so now would be the time to dig those heels in and make it happen. The balance should never fall short in what you are trying to cultivate.

Your life and routine that bring you no joy have already been established. This place is no longer where your energy should be focused. This life will take its course without your assistance, and will survive without the cultivating that your dreams need. It will take most of your time and energy to cultivate from the core, because it is where your heart or passions live. If it is important to become infinitely happier as a person then what you are trying to grow should take precedence over everything else. Not in spite of, but the crops you did not choose are full grown and don’t need as much hand holding as something we are trying to create from nothing. So nurture the gift!


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