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Stay Afloat

BBB Entry#31

Must do - Sometimes you need to do nothing, to stay the course.

Why - Every day can not be a struggle to balance your old life with your new one. Sometimes you need to lay the burden down to have strength enough to pick it back up again.


How has quarantine added to your stress levels? Overwhelmed yet? Stay afloat, even if you have to rest like a log. You can’t swim forever and never tire. For some, they have somewhere to lay their burdens down. So if you are not one of those individuals, you will have to find a sacred space, place, or individual to do this with. Sometimes it is about taking that break from the constant movement and giving your aching body a rest. You have cultivated what you could, and you find yourself beyond tired. It doesn’t mean to give up and let the waters overcome you. This is when you float and flow with the waves for a while. Allow your body the rest to refresh again and do what it has been doing another day.

While floating, use another part of yourself to continue to feed the dream. Maybe your mind needs to take the lead for some time. Thinking through what you have seen and done since the beginning of the journey. Maybe it is time you give yourself some “kudos” or credit for all the work you have accomplished since the beginning. You may need to make an alternate plan if you find you haven’t gained any good footing. It could be that you need to reflect on what parts need to be discarded from your life that no longer fit. There is a long list of things you could be focusing on during the float. Getting rid of stuff isn’t always about outside influences or people surrounding you. Maybe it is a part of your personality, ideals, or habits that needs to be tweaked. Or you could need to get rid of an emotion that no longer serves the new goal well. Whatever it may be, there is always something that you can be cultivated during your physical resting period. We will never be perfect individuals, so how or what can you do to improve?

What I Realized

Floating may mean that you need to begin to dream again. Figure out what you truly want if you find that what you have been chasing isn’t bringing you happiness. We don’t always have the answers right away. We may have to search out our purpose, especially if it isn’t clear. Memories, thoughts, and feelings can be fleeting or ever-changing. We must flow with these portions of ourselves that can be frustrating. Taking the good, bad, and the confusing and figuring it all out for ourselves is really what it is all about. You cannot be of service to others when you walk around in circles frustrated with life and your own lack of purpose.

What I Did Next

Sometimes staying afloat means that you need to recharge yourself. Changing diet, going back to those hobbies that bring you joy, or spending time with the family to bring a smile back to your face. All warriors take respite at some point before going back onto the battlefield to continue the task at hand. You will take on many tasks when trying to obtain the goal of daily happiness. There will be pleasant days, restful days, fighting days, cultivating days, challenging days, etc. These days come regardless of you finding yourself or not. If you look back on your life to date, whether you have reached your ultimate goal or not - they have the same challenges and pleasures. Nothing is without obstacles, but some things are so much more worth the challenges. So stay afloat by any means necessary!

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