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Stay Focused

Born Beautifully Boundless Entry #6

Must do - Keep your eyes on the prize. Your goal has to be your focus at all times.

Why - What you want and what the world wants you to do and be our vastly different things. Every day you should be addressing your goal in some way or fashion. It should not get lost or buried under outside influences and goals.


This is an exceptionally hard concept for me, staying focused. As soon as I begin to see progress, I have already moved on to the next task. I want to strive, but before actually attaining it, I drop the ball, assuming that it would continue to come to fruition because somehow “I deserve it.” Well, to deserve it, you must continue until completion. Not sure what drives me to do this, but it seems to be a route response. Fortunately, I am aware of my aversion that leads me away from my goals and not towards them. When I find myself veering too soon, I do a mental analysis and try to stay in the present. I want to feel exactly what I am supposed to when I am supposed to and soak within it. What is your response when in fight or flight mode? Is it posing to be a problem or block instead of a solution?

What I Realized

Staying focused can be caused by one of two things: 1. Negative feelings of self or 2. The inability to see who you really are to the world. To be ever-present, we must continue to address what takes us away from living in that moment. Fear, anxiety, insecurity, or even lack of focus can be the culprit to your success. Again, yours may be totally different than my own. For me, I must slow down and take it all in at the pace I can digest, which can tend to be much slower than my normal life pace (erratic). My normal can be excessive, then you add in my inability to live in the present and stay focused, and there’s the ever present “train wreck.” Even when it is not a personal struggle, I can take it in, absorb it as my own, and find myself focusing on something that is not even my trial. Being overwhelmed is my biggest deter toward reaching goals. Now that I am aware, I have developed a plan when life gets overwhelming. Now I can change footing and keep flowing with the tides at a moment's notice.

What I Did Next

Learn what your gift is and cherish it. If you feel your gift is a burden, you might need to refocus. If so, this also can be most detrimental to your overall happiness and the ability to stay focused. Gifts only need to be treated as such, honored and acknowledged for what it is, but it must be used for the purpose in which you are to utilize it. Nothing less will do, or your spirit will always be off-balance. This will cause you not to focus on the prize when you are giving in to toxic thinking.

Recognize your toxic thoughts and try to head them off at the impasse early. Talk it out with those you're deeply connected with and trust with your vulnerability if you're too far gone to be clear. Do not hold anything in and think that it will work itself out in due time. Put in the effort to change your self-talk, toxic thoughts, and communicate when all else fails. Moving forward, be more cognizant of your headspace and evaluate it often throughout the day if necessary. Stay connected to individuals who are in touch with their own emotions, feelings, and headspace. Two depressed individuals can do nothing for the other but be the okay man to the woes. What do you need to keep you sane, whole, and complete? How can you stay focused on your needs versus your wants? Unknown, this becomes a burden, and you will no longer be focused.


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