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Teenage Lust

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Here all alone with nothing to do

A look held by what is in between

What do you mean by that healthy grin?

What could you mean at a quarter past ten?

Temperature rising in the family room

Nobody due back anytime soon

Close your eyes at the soft gentle touch

A peck on the lips is never too much

Until an opened mouth caresses tongue

Arousing the body has only just begun

A button and zipper undone in a flash

Palms down the pants grabbing at ass

Unbuttoned shirt from heat that is way too much

Undress, on another warm body to clutch

A tight hold felt in the marrow of the bones

Passion the orchestrator for setting a tone

Clothes intermingled as the skin on the floor

Hearts beat a rhythm to give in even more

The chill of the air gives nakedness a shiver

Whispering sweet nothing in my ear

Your breathe causing intense emotions of pleasure and fear

Again we kiss much softer this time

Moving our bodies together in a slow hard grind

Parting my legs further, tasting my zest

Fingers palming my supple youthful breast

Your mouth I ride

Begging for you to come inside

Desperation for the body to connect with the soul

Taking my half to make a whole

Unable to contain orgasmic pleasure

My sounds are long, loud and constant

Desire to be penetrated

Blinding passion

Needing you to ravish me

As I dig my nails into the skin on your back

Wanting it harder, faster, and deeper

Yet in reality we are too unsure

All the pleasure is in my mind

As we sit hand and hand

Here all alone with nothing to do

Me and you


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