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The COVID Scare

Born Beautifully Boundless Entry #8

Must do - Find something that gives you peace when you are confronted with storms.

Why - Having a practice, religion, and activity that brings peace will eliminate the need for emotions that prevent happiness.


We live in a crazy time, but you wouldn’t be living if crazy things weren’t happening around you all the time. Putting Jesus at my door and throughout my home is how I am surviving it all. When I get overwhelmed, I go to Him in prayer. Needless to say, I pray several times a day about different and all things. I am often brought to tears, but I am still whole. This is my saving grace. I don’t pretend to know it all or have it all, but everyone needs saving grace. Your peace does not have to look like mine. Prayer might not be your thing, and that is okay. Many people live extremely well without religion. Once not too long ago, it wasn’t my thing either, but I digress. It doesn’t matter what brings you that type of peace and solidarity, as long as you know what that “something is” and can utilize it at a moment's notice.

What I Realized

Life is about the ups and downs, the scares and the laughs. Time and time again, we all will fall, and we will all have to pick ourselves up again. Each trial is unique and causes us to evaluate who we are, make adjustments, and begin again. Such is the process of life. There is a method to all the madness. Whether in truth, you are still searching for answers, feel you found them, or have it all figured out. We all will go through something! Case and point the Covid pandemic.

It doesn’t matter how much money, color, or creed worldwide we suffer. Some of us could pick ourselves up by the boot strings and keep it stepping. Others stumbled, fell, and never got up. And many others lost their compassion and common sense. It also doesn’t matter which side you fall on or category you want to be labeled as the important thing is that we were in this together—Planet earth, suffering and looking for answers.

What I Did Next

Scares are definite. Whether it is cancer, or another life-threatening disease, death, heartbreak, or any other combination of experiences that scare. If scares are going to be a part of living and the only way to not be scared is not to live, the choice is not to end life but learn how to live with them more positively.

I am not preaching that you must drop everything and pray like me. I struggle just like anyone; Christians don’t suffer more or less than any other. The point, I may not be clear, is that there is a foundation to build from. If you have no foundation, then it will be impossible to build happiness that is sustaining. Prayer is my sustaining factor. I have this when I have nothing else. For you, it is...(fill in the blank) that sustains you. This is what you need to build all your desires with. Once you have something solid to build upon, then the skies are the limit!

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