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To Know and Do


Must do – Learn to be courageous to stick with your purpose.

Why? - Without courage, you are more likely to give up when the going gets tough. Instead, it would be best to have the attitude when trauma didn’t defeat you. Don’t let the pursuit of happiness get the best of you.


Boy, oh, Boy! Knowing your purpose and being courageous enough to do and stick with it are two vastly different tasks. The realization to write has been put off for so long that now that I found my way back to it, retreating into the negative mindset was easy. The hard part has been not letting those old thoughts and feelings take over a new attitude. Life tells me that I need to continue to strive for finances, and I want to strive towards happiness. The finance led me nowhere, but on a horrific elongated ride back to square one and even less financially stable than where I began. Happiness, though, has not disappointed. I am happier, and although I don’t have a drop in income, I have been doing better than just surviving for the first time in my life. So why doesn’t this ignite the fire? Doubt, not feeling courageous enough.

What I Realized

The fear of walking in truth is more than a notion. I find myself here in a place where I am choosing myself or everything else. It is an exaggerated thought doubting if I am doing what is right or selfish. Yes, I know that if everything is alright, why conjure up something wrong. Toxic thinking doesn’t just disappear because you want or need it. Every day can be a battle sometimes, more negatively when I allow the thoughts to overtake my action. Once I get moving, though, it is hard to stop myself from moving and being productive. I sit down thinking I will write for a couple of hours and find that most of the night is gone, the children are awake, and now I have to do my hours in being a mom. Am I stretching myself too thin?

What I Did Next

How do you become courageous? One decision at a time. Each movement outside of the box of what you would generally do is progress. You can only tackle one obstacle at a time. Sometimes quickly but always at a comfortable speed on top of everything you are also dealing with. Some can close their eyes and run through solving problems simultaneously and do a fantastic job of conquering the task. Others cautiously walk, taking in everything surrounding them along the way and solve all of the issues in one decision at the end of observation. There is no right and wrong way to handle the obstacles. It is what you can adequately conquer. If you find that you cannot accomplish the task, then change the way you approach the problem. That is when you need to reflect and find another way of handling your task. It is all up to you!

When to become courageous? Now, there is no time like the present. You can’t wait for something that will never come unless you become. You are not guaranteed to be in a place where you are as present as you are now. Aware that change needs to happen, making the change, and still alive to follow with courage. Life is short and fleeting. It comes back down to permitting yourself to something other than what you have been accustomed to. You are your reward when you decide that your happiness comes first and foremost.


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