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Walled Professions


Must do- Spend less time being critical of others.

Why - Never focus your energy outward when you should be concerned about what is within.


Not long ago, I had gotten into a word battle with a good friend. I couldn’t understand why they were so critical of someone they didn’t know. I wasn’t able to relate because I handled a similar situation in the same way. This friend is always so supportive of me, so it took me back when she was judgmental. I wasn’t sure how to react, but I was angry. I had such high expectations of her, and for once, she was not meeting them. It made me take a huge step back and re-evaluate our relationship with each other. Was this friendship still healthy?

Later on, I began to think about all the other times when I was critical of someone. I had no reason to be critical of another’s choices. I was just as guilty as the friend I was talking about at that moment. It is ever acceptable to judge someone else’s journey. I had been in plenty of arguments for that reason, being too judgemental or “high and mighty,” as people like to say. I thought that my way was the best way to handle the situation and put someone else down for not taking those steps exactly. It is very off-putting to receive criticism, especially when you are not expecting it. We share stories to teach each other, not judge each other.

We all make mistakes and handle things in our unique way. No one way is better than the other. So instead of criticizing others, focus on yourself and ways to self-improve. Honor someone else’s snowflake. You want people to be open to your state of mind and how you proceed with life. They don’t need to agree. Just be supportive or step aside and go about your way.

What I Realized

You block blessings with preconceived notions and judgments. We can learn from another’s life but not if we are irrationally better because we think differently. It is amazing how we expect the world to be forgiving, give us grace, and then in the same breath, we are unwilling to extend it to others when they have obstacles. We always complain about how another treats us; meanwhile, we give the same energy we receive. Even if the comparison is made plain, we will swear that the situation is nothing like the other. Our vision is so narrow, but then we expect others to paint with broader strokes. How hypocritical!

I do not have all the answers. What I have is the journey that I can share with others, and if you relate and can take something from it to make your world better than I have done what I have set out to do. If you can’t, then there is someone else out there that I hope you can learn from, and that is all that I wish for you. I want you to be able to receive the information in a manner that adds to your life. We can’t learn if we already have ALL the answers. We remain stagnant instead of growing because we know better. Try not to wall yourself from betterment, as I did for so many years. I prevented myself from gaining the necessary tools to move forward positively. Most of my animosity with others had nothing to do with the other person at all. We tend to project, fault ourselves but find something outward to focus on to no longer carry the guilt for what we have done to ourselves. The cycle of unhappiness will continue until we can take a step back and allow others grace. The grace will then begin to extend to ourselves because, at the core, our anger had nothing to do with them in the first place.

What I Did Next

My goal is to receive the stories presented to me in a way that enhances my life. I want to learn as much as possible with my last days here on earth. I feel like for the first half of my life; I had been sleepwalking. Now that I finally wake, I am ready to live and breathe everything in a way that can resonate beyond my years here on this earth. If I can touch one soul, then my life was worth living. And that is all that I pray for at night—the ability to help someone beyond myself. I stayed lost for so long, so if I can help one other person find themselves, I can be content. Live a full life; then, all is not lost. Beyond the monetary or the social, I have a purpose. No one can take that away from me. In this knowledge, I found my power. That is what I hope to leave behind, children that strive further and quicker than I, and to know that I touch one more soul before returning to where I came from.


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