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Warding Off Darkness

BBB # 34

Must do - Balance yourself with the world so that darkness doesn’t consume your light.

Why - There is always, and will always be a reason not to follow through. You can compile an infinite list, but there is one reason more important than every obstacle, You! You are the reason you’re here, and without yourself, you have nothing.


Sometimes it is a simple thing to do, choose what makes you happy. Make a decision, follow-through, practice it, and surround yourself with it. You might often find this is easily said but not done. Life gets in the way. The truth is that the significant battle is with yourself and not so much with outside elements as you may think. The real reason that other things/people take precedence over your want/desire is you. You have decided, knowingly or unknowingly, that these things, people, ideas are more valid than your own. No one else can choose to put you first. When you are frustrated and concerned that others are taking advantage of you, look first to yourself. No one can take advantage of you without consent. Decide that you are just as important, if not more important, than your circumstance. The rest of the world gets what they want when you decide they do.

What I Realized

It can be hard to balance yourself with the world, but a necessary component to obtaining happiness. What you need, want, and desire is the most important thing... PERIOD. The ultimate sacrifice is not to just let go of this importance, but to fight for the time, opportunity, and support to make it happen amiss all the other obligations that you might deem more important than yourself. It could be children, and you are their only support and income source. Or an elderly parent/family member where the job you have is barely paying the bills and the medical expenses. The truth is that although the job you have is vital at the moment to sustain your household, it is also creating poverty, struggle, and lack of confidence in moving toward a more secure future.

How, you might ask? Utilize your gift in the world. Your reason for living will bring you wealth and prosperity on the level you desire. That doesn’t mean everyone can be a millionaire. For many people, having millions isn’t even a goal. Every person or family needs a different amount, and it tends to be what they desire to obtain in the world (there are exceptions to this rule). If you used your gifts or walked in your purpose, you would attract more opportunities to sustain the reality. The world wants to thrive and survive just like we do as human beings. A paperclip might want or desire to be a nail. You can straighten it and use it to hang a picture. You will find that the paperclip will not support a picture frame or much of anything else. It will bend, maybe even break under the pressure and weight of it all. The paperclip can never be something else and thrive. Neither can you!

What I Did Next

It is dire that you have a way of pulling yourself out of the darkness in moments of doubt. Darkness can come in the form of doubts cast by yourself or others. We have connections with people and activities, but the truth is these distractions aren’t always fulfilling. You will find yourself again, almost where you began. Those moments can be devastating if you do not find a source for uplifting yourself. The question is, are you better at uplifting others or yourself? If your answer is others, ask yourself: what is it that you have done or do to uplift them? Is it words, actions, plans, gifts, etc.? Essentially the way you encourage others is how you show your love for them. Yes, uplifting others can uplift you and give you a sense of purpose, but you still need to show yourself love as much as you bless others.

Purpose is the one major component that if you don’t have it or strive toward it, the rest of life will seem dull in comparison. You may be able to maneuver the paper clip to hold up a picture frame, but not without using other objects like a pushpin or nail. It may even hold up for a while, but eventually, the frame’s weight will wear down the paper clip, and the structure will come crashing down. A paperclip can do other things like being manipulated to create a paper clock or create an arts and crafts project. Yet, it is still best holding together paper—even the pages within your favorite book, and more secure than a bookmark. So using your talents in the best way possible, maybe even putting a small but significant adjustment to your gift and purpose, will open the doors to the financial stability, happiness, and joy you have been working toward since entry one of this blog.

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