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Where is the Fight?

BBB Entry #24

Must do - Time to make known what you want and go after it with all your being.

Why - If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. You must fight for your way of life and let nothing get in the way of progress. Not even yourself!


Not a fighter? In this instance, you better pony up and put on your boxing gloves. You will not win against the elements that will prevent you from succeeding without some fight. It could come from outside influences such as haters, unsupportive family members, a nine-to-five job, an abusive relationship, or death. It can also stem from internal conflicts such as self-doubt, fear, mental illness, and negative self-talk etc. You will have to fight through many days and even more days where you will seem to be in spiritual warfare with these elements. It is not a walk in the park! Nor is this challenge for the faint at heart.

Things always tend to get worse before they get better. The path is beyond bumpy and can be uninhabitable at times. It will seem as if you are alone when you need companionship from the people around you. The best of advocates will let you down or be nowhere to be found when needed the most. Family members will no longer feel secure with your changes. Their worlds’ could be affected by your new outlook on life and boundaries. Best friends may be too busy to handle your crisis; you may need to battle alone, which is as it should be. Your path, journey, and fight are yours; no one else can do it for you. If you expect that they will, the blessing of what you yearn for will also become theirs—no one to blame for the loss but yourself.

What I Realized

When these battle times arise, it is up to you to be prepared. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, tooth and nail. You are ultimately fighting for yourself; what better reason to be the best and overcome the challenges you face. The war against sadness needs to be won because nothing is left if you fail. No one will or can fight for you as you can. There is no other that understands your snowflake and gets all the nuances as you do. No pain, no gain. These words are well received when you exercise or are gunning for a work promotion. We accept the fight with more angst when it comes to love or happiness. We must be just as prepared for fighting for everything we desire.

If life is what we make it, and to gain it, we must fight for it why. When it comes to the internal goals, are we more than likely to give up on them? Is it because the shiny things obtained in the world are more enticing than all the non-visuals that being whole brings? We care more for things we can obtain out in the world than all the baggage we carry around on the inside. These things determine if we ever obtain those shiny objects, or more importantly, keep and sustain these shiny objects and still be full inside. There are plenty of people who have wealth, houses, cars, vacations, and the “best” of what life offers per the media. These same people are not always the most fortunate. They too, have to work on themselves to ensure happiness. You can have the best the world offers and be empty inside. Wealthy people also commit suicide, do drugs, drink, overeating, are crude etc. All the things hidden come to light eventually, and only change can save their lives.

What I Did Next

I began actively fighting for what I wanted. It started in conversations with my closest family members. I had the opportunity to tell without feeling the obligation of going into significant detail. You have a unique opportunity to be full before you obtain the other goals in life that you yearn for. Reaching goals doesn’t mean skipping working on your emotional and mental needs. You want your rise to be steady and slow rather than quick and fleeting. It would be a sad day to gain everything you wanted in life just to lose it all the next. Stories of fame, fortune and bankruptcy are frequent. More people are speaking up and speaking out. Use others’ failures as an incentive to go the right way. Fight for what is rightfully yours to have!


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