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Poet at heart, Author, Ghostwriter, Educator, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Mother.

I offer my specialty writing services to you. Let's bring your story to life!


"Patient, reliable and personable. She was a great motivator and I will definitely be back to finish things off with her. She was always on time and did her best to keep this crazy client on track. We worked and created something beautiful and it felt like more of a conversation with a friend than a stranger. Definite 10 out of 10."

Braundii Young

"Very creative and talented writer! I look forward to working with Heather again."

Tiffany Lageda

"Working with Heather made my book development and writing process an absolute joy and a breeze. Before coming to Heather I had become discouraged with my writing project and had hit writer's block, unsure of which direction my writing should go. Upon working with Heather, she immediately connected with my story, helped me align my vision, and brought it to life. I've received glowing reviews from people who have read the story, from publishers and I couldn't be prouder of the work that was developed. Heather is an experienced author, storyteller, and writer that takes the time to understand your vision and make it an experience with her creative writing, or genuine intellect, and thorough knowledge of a variety of subject matters. She is the person you need in your corner!"

Bennett David

"I hired Heather to help me complete my memoir. I found her professional, easy to work with, and gave dealines and milestones to make it easier for completion. She helped me capture my story in a way that made me feel something as I read it. Her editing skills are spot-on and professional, I would 100% recommend Heather. I would hire and work with her gain. Thank you again, Heather, your a gem."

Natasha Dunn

"Working with Heather has been simply amazing. She has been really patient, professional and helpful. Our book is now much better thanks to her!"

Damiano & Nunzia Simeone

"I enjoyed working with Heather on my first memoir. She communicated effectively, professionally, and has strong narrative skills. She was organized from the start with my goal deadline and incorporated milestones to keep us on track for completion. Heather did something I was incapable of doing - she brought my story to life. I would 100% recommend her and would absolutely work with her again!"

Koryeah Dwanyen

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