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A Healthy Mind

Day 5 of 14: Taking Care during COVID-19 Self Quarantine


1) Yourself - HEALTHY MIND: As adults, we stop doing the things that help us cope with stress. Self-care is essential to our continued success with coping with the things we can control. Many of the hobbies you enjoy are natural stress relief. It's all about creating moments for yourself and your family. That is the reason why you enjoy the activity. If you love to color, jump rope, complete a puzzle, chop vegetables, line your facial hair, put together furniture, paint a wall, or weed the garden, you have found a hobby as an adult. It doesn't have to be the typical hobbies such as crocheting, playing an instrument, or drawing a picture. No matter how offbeat the thing you enjoy is, you have plenty of time now to do these things once again.


Don't have a hobby, or are you just unsure what you naturally gravitate to? You have plenty of time to think back on the occasions when you were happy or just content. Or explore some ideas during the days and nights and see where you are least stressed or just kind of there. Most of these activities don't bring you outright joy, but you don't mind doing them, and you tend to think less during this activity. Ask a good friend or a relative about what they are surprised you do because they just can't stand the activity. Or they ask you to do this when you come over because they know you don't mind, and you haven't thought much about it but now come to realize that just maybe that is your hobby.


2) Dependents - ART TIME: (part 1) Crayons, pencils, and of all ages like to create pictures. If you're connected, use YouTube or the resources on the internet. There are plenty of sights that teach your child to draw and create things from paper. If you have the funds, go purchase a kit to put together or the more integral activities to build or create together. Remember, your children need a healthy mind, too. If they love to draw or create crafts, this is the activity for them. But don't limit them. Find out what their hobbies are, and you can use this to your advantage and create so more time that is necessary for your healthy mind as well as theirs.


3) Planning Ahead - Are you or your dependents getting a little stir-crazy? Visit a country right in your living room. Is there a place that you are longing to visit or a trip that you are missing out on because of the social distancing? Your home can transform into the place you want to visit. Visit the website of this place, making sure to take in details that you can mimic or make for your home. Look at maps and pictures, see what things you can do, the food you would eat, the language you speak, the music you listen to, and try and recreate at home. If you can, plan to make a trip there in the future or re-book that vacation for a later date.

4) Activity for all - Play your child’s favorite video game with them. Get more familiar with their digital life. You might find that this is something you enjoy enough to use as time together, or you may find that this is not a hobby for you, but spending time with your child is also important. It will also help to know how they spend their time and with whom they spend it online. This can create conversational pieces that are much needed in your child's world and bring more mental health to both of your lives. Don't forget to continue to celebrate the milestones they have had!

Healthy Mind Activity
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