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Avoid Aggression

Day 2 of 14: Taking Care during COVID-19 Self Quarantine


1) Yourself - AVOID AGGRESSION: Anger can prevent anything from feeling good during this time. As a parent/caregiver you must allow yourself quiet time, or time carved out of just for yourself. Some of us need this break daily, every few hours, while others require it once a week/month. No mater how often you need the time, take it and make it happen as often as you need to keep your spirits high. Check in with yourself.


Are you finding that the smallest things are setting you off, or that you seem to be frowning more often than ever. Sometimes it just takes you forcing yourself to smile or think of those things that make you smile. You can do nothing for others if you yourself are just hanging on by a thread. Whether it be a much needed bath, or time you carve out while everyone else is having their meal, or an hour after every one is sleep. Give your self some time to self- do all three of you need it.


Giving yourself a break does not say anything negative about who you are and what you can provide. Go outside by yourself to create your quiet, leave everyone inside to create the noise they need to to feel better. Sometimes it is just these minutes, or hours that keeps the train from derailing. Head of households need their time as well, so take it.


2) Dependents - HAVE FUN: Sometimes getting out some pent up aggression means to do something fun or sports like. Movement can be a huge way to channel negative energy in a way that is more productive to the whole family. Need some examples for when the weather prevents outside play: Grab an old sheet and have some parachute play with your children. Everyone grab a side and shake, shake it some light balls in the middle, shake with a child in the middle, pull them along the kitchen floor like a sled, go underneath together etc. Need more ideas there are websites dedicated to this idea as well such as,


If you have room outside and the weather permits, throw a frisbee, fly a kite, ride a bike play two on two soccer, Bocce Ball or Hacky Sack can all get the body moving in a positive direction. It can also help those kids/toddlers sleep and little deeper and longer for that me time later on.

3) Planning Ahead - Do some meal prep. You could do this activity by yourself with your favorite drink just preparing meals and freezing them for another day. If you have a family that has an aversion to the kitchen this is the perfect time to get me time and let out some aggression while chopping, grinding and blending.

This activity could also be a family event if everyone loves to be in the kitchen. Pick a day of the week where you and the family prepare as many meals as possible for the upcoming week. So it becomes more of a warming up activity then a slaving in the kitchen mentality when it is time to eat. Whether it is cutting up the vegetables to be used later in the week or making sure you line up what meal kit will be used for each meal. Make meals easier to do by yourself or with family.

4) Activity for all- Spring clean right now. Get everyone involved. Pick one area, like the hall closet, and have toddler put old items in garbage bag, have school age kid help organize items that stay in the closet, you can work on high shelves etc. You have plenty of quarantine days ahead so pick one area per day. That is a totally spotless living space!

Great job, keep up the momentum!

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