Fear: Laws of Attraction


Fear attracts the negative energy you are trying to release yourself from.

My Life: I was walking through life living in fear (Fear & Faith). I was not always this way, but after numerous traumatic events beginning at 3 years, I didn’t know that my fear attracted harmful elements to my life. The same factors that I struggled to overcome. So, I hide behind the pen and notebook, writing away my insecurities. I also didn’t know that I was silently pushing back on all the trauma, allowing the light to come in at various times in my life. If I knew then what I know now, I could have rid myself of all the energy that brought me down into depression. I found that I couldn’t dig myself out, nor did I understand the laws of attraction.

Year after year, 20 years and beyond, I barely wrote a word. I was in complete fear and felt that another spirit could help lift me from the quicksand overtaking me. I can say now that I was too fearful of going through with the suicide attempts, or should I say too strong to allow the fear to take it all from me. Can you see how I took a negative situation with a simple conjunction “or” changed it to be more affirming? The first project’s weakness, the second asserts strength.

Reflection: I have learned the hard way about one’s energy. What you put in is indeed what comes out and what is also attracted to you (BBB#34 Warding Off Darkness). You say that the people you attract take advantage of you, aren’t respectful and that dating isn’t for you anymore. How about that job that is wearing you down instead of helping you to create your empire? Well, it is all in the power of thoughts and the energy you have put in yourself. If you don’t put anything in, then you’re filled with whatever. The first energy that comes is what your energy becomes (BBB#47 Hone Your Power).

We say that what others do, don’t affect us, but that is the wrong answer. If I give someone my all, I give them my energy, and what am I left with? Think about that for a while. If you want different, then you must treat yourself differently. The difference needs to positive, reaffirming, and forgiving. Forgiveness is grace given to others but blessings for self.

The Test: Why do people talk about affirmations so much? Why is spirituality always talked about even for those who do not believe in God? Your energy is everything, and just like the circuits in a motherboard are connected to make the machine work at optimal speed, you are wired just the same. Your brain is full of electrical signals that tell the rest of your body how to act and react. If you feed fear, then the things you do and say are based on the energy, and you begin to attract the fearful, the predators to it, and just like gravity, the rest of the world follows. Try for thirty days to only put positive energy to replace the fear (BBB#10 Maintaining During the Journey). Constantly pour into yourself affirmations of your greatness and allow yourself to love yourself as you have others. Your posture will change, and you will notice that around you, the energy will shift slightly. If you keep with it, you will find that the rest of the world will also follow.