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Prevent Depression

Day 1 of 14: Taking Care during COVID-19 Self Quarantine


1) Yourself - AVOID DEPRESSION: Many times, we don't think about our mental health having anything to do with what we eat. Unfortunately, that is the exact opposite of thinking we need to have, especially during quarantine. Our lives are normally filled with so many other distractions that eating is just that, eating! Now is the time to pay more attention to what we put in our bodies to make sure that we are feeding our minds as well as our bodies.

Salmon, beans, turkey, oatmeal, brown rice, and miso are known mood stabilizers. Walnuts, mushrooms, tomatoes, leafy greens, and apples can help with depression. Now, by any means, I do not claim to be a doctor, but if you are interested in finding out why these foods are so important and how the professionals claim them to benefit you, here are a few links:,, and

Eat a few more helpings of foods with health benefits, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and non-processed grains. Eat less foods with high salt and sugar and little nutritional value. This will help your body naturally fight the urge to be moody and irritated.

2) Dependents - SHOW CARE: There is a thought that if you do something selfless, you will be happier because your focus is redirected outward. This can create a feeling that makes you more satisfied with yourself. So today, fix their favorite meals today no matter what time of day. If you don’t feel like cooking first thing in the morning, you can still make those pancakes at noon or 7 pm. The microwaveable kind works just as well. Showing care for someone else's mental health and well-being can help to regenerate your own. It is as simple as a favorite meal, or a meal shared together at the table (especially if life before quarantine made this impossible) really special.

If your family has always had meals together, and you are the known cook in the house, maybe now is the time to let someone else prepare the meal if they like. Or make it an extra special occasion by moving the location of the family dinner to a picnic on the living room floor or a candle-lit dinner.

3) Planning Ahead - Yeah, I know that is easily said and not done. It may be an entire struggle to maintain the schedule you had before this time, but this is not what I am suggesting. If you can, kudos to you! More than likely, the extra load in other places and the lack of will to want to keep everything the same may have you down. The goal is to try not to let bedtimes vary too much. This will prevent overtired self, dependents, or pets, which can exacerbate depression and other symptoms you may be feeling or going through. Schedules are still necessary for your sanity. So, at the very least, try and wake up and sleep about the same as before quarantine, making sure now to get at least 6-8 hours.

4) Activity for all - The activity should get the whole house involved. Since you are preparing more meals at home, get everyone involved with cooking. Make that special meal today with toddlers and elders alike. If that is too much for your kitchen capacity, take a member in at a time and show them the ropes. This is learning for your school age children, toddlers can help stir, hold the utensils or even help to eat the healthy produce while you continue to prepare it.

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