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Conversation for Self

BBB Entry# 19

Must do - Reflection is continual. You must often reflect to remain on track.

Why - Ensuring that you are continually working toward happiness is needed for many reasons previously addressed. Some are not limited to being focused, persevering, and preserving, continuing toward authenticity.


How’s it feel to take some initiative toward your forever happiness? You should begin to feel worthy and important enough for everything life has to offer. Whatever you always thought was so unattainable should now feel right in your grasp. Many personal dramas and inner struggles have nothing to do with life but our mindset. Life is a series of conflicts, obstacles, and less than optimal experiences, and only after we conquer them, we grow. As life hands our fair share of trials and tribulations, we tend to become more cynical and use our own mental prejudices to box ourselves. Our way of protecting ourselves becomes something that will only create confines to keep ourselves in but limit what can enter. The purpose of the walls we built is obsolete even before the build.

Convincing someone else of their worth is nearly impossible unless they were already on the journey to discovery in this area. We tend to limit ourselves by the parameters that we set, whether purposely or not. It is sometimes hard to separate circumstances from people because others are there reacting as we are during these times. Same time and their reactions may be no better, or even worse than our own. Just as you are an individual snowflake, trying to find your way to happiness, the others you encounter along the way are their own snowflake doing the same. They may have some characteristics that remind you of another who experienced or even created the trigger. These fears should not be how you judge the world or others you encounter.

Continue to focus on the things that make you happy, even weigh pain versus pleasure. Take note, make a list, whatever you need to do to remind yourself that life is not all bad or full of struggle. No one is perfect, so you will find at times that the one that makes you happiest can also be the one that makes you the saddest. Think about which is more prevalent in the delicate concoction of the relationship you have with them. Is the relationship one of a parent, friend, child, or spouse? Sometimes that distinction alone can help you to decide if it is worth sticking it out for the long haul or not. As you go through your relationships, determining whether they are worth it, you will also need to do the same with your extracurricular activities, hobbies, and entertainment. Weighing and deciding if these things and people fill you up with happiness or taking away from it. Allow yourself the time to look at everything and then be very decisive on what to do and/or how much more you will hang in there before you need to let go and let it flow.

Your one goal of obtaining forever happiness has led to all these wonderful additions to life. To feel more emotionally stable and ready to rule the day instead of allowing it to rule you. Set up your days to be more positive and successful even when things don’t go as planned. Your worst day can turn into a not so bad day with a simple twist in thought. Happiness is accomplished without adding a dime to your bank account or added status in the community, or any other additions that come externally. You are beginning to understand your worth and feel as boundless as you were born to be. Now there is the knowledge of this worth that can never be taken away or diminished by another. One step at a time, you reevaluate, and when necessary, you discard the useless material and replace it with only the golden.

Pat yourself on the back, you’re on your way, but the journey has only just begun!


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